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Re: What is truth

Aug 31, 2007 08:09 PM
by saidevotee

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> Hi 
> Good question
> I think truth can be in the middle of the circle
> and the circle means a lot of possibilities in which is one essence 
> of that.
> In other words Circle can be the whole universe within all
> its potentions.As a hologram.
> All in one and the one in All
> Christina

Mata Amritananda Mayi has this explanation for the nature of 
Truth that Adi Sankara refers to in his statement brahma 
satyam ("Brahman is the Reality")jagan mithya ("the world is 
an illusion").

a. brahma satyam ("Brahman is the Reality"): In Vedanta, the 
word "Satyam" (Reality) is very clearly defined and it has a 
specific significance. It means, "that which exists in all 
the three periods of time (past, present and future) without 
undergoing any change; and also in all the three states of 
consciousness (waking state, dream state and deep-sleep 
state)." This is therefore the absolute Reality ? birthless, 
deathless and changeless ? referred to in the Upanishads as 

b. jagan mithya ("the world is an illusion"): The world 
appears "real" only in the "waking state;" but it is negated 
(it disappears) in the dream and deep-sleep states. Hence, 
it is not real, according to the definition above. 
Therefore, the world is said to be mithya by the Acharya. 

However, many people seem allergic to the word, "mithya," 
when it is used to refer to the perceptible world. For this 
reason, perhaps, the Acharya, in his later works, like 
Brahmasutra Bhashya, calls it "vyavaharika satta" (relative 
reality) or "pratibhasika satta" (apparent reality), as if 
to accommodate them. 

Something in everyone of us (and in every other being) stays 
beyond this world, this life, and the three states we undergo
daily, and silently watches it all. That something is the Truth
a seeker is after. Ramana Maharshi says that this Truth can be
realized by the persistent inquiry "Who Am I?" which would
result in progressive negation of the Self being identified 
as the body, mind and intellect at which stage the Self luminious 
human soul will be visible and realized.

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