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Re: Theos-World Odd times for the Odd Fellows --

Aug 30, 2007 07:12 AM
by Antonio/Tony None

Hi all, 
  I'm new to this group so please go easy on my ignorance.
  I was just wondering after having read quite a few emails from the group what is the truth.
  Now i know some people will say the truth is what you apply to your own life that makes it better for you to live. Others will enforce their opinions on me. All i would like to know is an honest account of the God vs Devil myth. 
  The Bible says that in the last days Lucifer will blind the world with his light and that it will be so poerful that many will become mesmerised. 
  Is this light not the Occult phiosophies spoken of on here each day?
  I am just worried that if i start believing in all the philosopies that stem from the occult world that the God of the bible will condemn me. I know some of you would probably say that the God of the bible is the evil controlling force but what if that is what Lucifer wants you to belive? I hope you can see where im coming from and the issue that perplexes me.
  I would appreciate some help on this matter.
  Many thanks

adelasie <> wrote:

Keep that hope alive! It's so easy in these horrendous times to get 
discouraged, but we may be sure it is true, "The darker the shadows, 
the brighter the Light." The thing is that the shadows are a lot 
easier for us to see than the Light, blinded as we are by the veils 
of Maya. Nevertheless, the occultist can see past the illusion to the 
many millions of examples of the nobility of the human spirit, and to 
the tremendous help that is available to all from inner planes, as 
long as we try, in our own small ways, to do the right thing. We all 
know what that is, don't we? It is also said, and truly, that it is 
darkest just before the dawn. The more I surf the net the more I 
realize that there are huge numbers of people all over the world 
working for our mutual benefit and salvation, and since every effort 
for good helps the whole, what a wonderful encouragement it is to 
have access to the knowledge that we are not alone in our efforts. 

Keep the faith!

On 29 Aug 2007 at 10:45, M K Ramadoss wrote:

> Adelasie:
> I agree.
> One of the important effects of the communication revolution that is taking
> place is that light shines on the wrong doings that go around the world.
> with cell phones, picture phones and video, wrongful and cruel and
> distructive activities get recorded and broadcast world wide even though
> world powers would very much keep them under wraps and misinform the people
> in the name of security and future welfare and sacrifice for the country and
> the world. It is my hope that we all will see a more peaceful world in our
> life times if the world does not get destroyed by human made accident.
> mkr
> On 8/29/07, adelasie <> wrote:
> >
> > MKR,
> >
> > From the point of view of occultism, the internet can be seen as a
> > huge step forward in humanity's development. Our current Kali Yuga,
> > technological/intellectual cycle has almost destroyed us so far, as
> > humanity has relentlessly used its talents for war and aggression,
> > and selfish gain and corruption, with the resulting threastened
> > destruction of our own habitat. But the revolution in electrical
> > communication (using electricity, one of the 49 creative fires,
> > however stepped down, of the Godhead) has provided us with the means
> > to actully contact our brothers and sisters globally on a much larger
> > scale than was ever before possible. It is almost as if we have
> > invented a prelude or corollary to telepathic communication, a
> > virtual mental stream of humanity. How we use this is of course
> > according to our ability, but the potential is enormous, in terms of
> > advancing the consciousness of the Unity of all Life.
> >
> > Adelasie
> >
> > On 29 Aug 2007 at 8:25, M K Ramadoss wrote:
> >
> > > You are right. From the day I saw Internet several years ago, I foresaw
> > the
> > > power of the technology and its potential for the future due to my
> > having
> > > grown up with computer technology. As a tool to provide and distribute
> > > information, it is unsurpassed, as can be seen what is happening
> > everyday.
> > > It is a pity that many of the older folks active in theosophical
> > matters,
> > > with a few rare exceptions such as late Dallas, are still sticking their
> > > heads in the sand like ostriches and not actively making use of the
> > Internet
> > > to disseminate the message of theosophy. It does not matter. The
> > Juggernaut
> > > is moving and either you get on it or be left behind for good.. My only
> > hope
> > > is to see lists like BN and this one to have a five and six digit
> > > circulation soon.
> > >
> > > mkr
> > >
> >
> > 
> >
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