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Re: Theos-World Odd times for the Odd Fellows --

Aug 29, 2007 08:33 AM
by adelasie


>From the point of view of occultism, the internet can be seen as a 
huge step forward in humanity's development. Our current Kali Yuga,  
technological/intellectual cycle has almost destroyed us so far, as 
humanity has relentlessly used its talents for war and aggression, 
and selfish gain and corruption, with the resulting threastened 
destruction of our own habitat. But the revolution in electrical 
communication (using electricity, one of the 49 creative fires, 
however stepped down, of the Godhead) has provided us with the means 
to actully contact our brothers and sisters globally on a much larger 
scale than was ever before possible. It is almost as if we have 
invented a prelude or corollary to telepathic communication, a 
virtual mental stream of humanity. How we use this is of course 
according to our ability, but the potential is enormous, in terms of 
advancing the consciousness of the Unity of all Life.


On 29 Aug 2007 at 8:25, M K Ramadoss wrote:

> You are right. From the day I saw Internet several years ago, I foresaw the
> power of the technology and its potential for the future due to my having
> grown up with computer technology. As a tool to provide and distribute
> information, it is unsurpassed, as can be seen what is happening everyday.
> It is a pity that many of the older folks active in theosophical matters,
> with a few rare exceptions such as late Dallas,  are still sticking their
> heads in the sand like ostriches and not actively making use of the Internet
> to disseminate the message of theosophy. It does not matter. The Juggernaut
> is moving and either you get on it or be left behind for good.. My only hope
> is to see lists like BN and this one to have a five and six digit
> circulation soon.
> mkr


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