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Re: Theos-World test

Aug 24, 2007 06:43 PM
by Cass Silva

Saw the news reports today and saw that Chicago got hit hard with what they are calling a Tornado.  I think it is wise to have a portable generator at hand, a pump at hand, and probably a blow up dinghy in real emergencies.  My mother also kept a full pantry of legumes and tin food just in case, she would always say.  Storing water is also not a bad idea if one knows in advance that something is coming.  In Hong Kong we were advised to fill a bathtub with water in the event that a typhoon knocked out the water system, and to cover your windows if on the ground - 2nd floor, to prevent debris breaking the glass.

MarieMAJ41 <> wrote:
Hello John and everyone,

I am in Chicago suburbs, and we have been getting rain, wind and serious storm damage, but everything is still livable here. But there is serious damage in many neighborhoods, including mine. Power has been out recently, and seems that power is going out more and more here. Don't know why, but it seems to be an indication that we must learn to live simply again, without electricity and the internet.

Keeping a dry upper lip, I hope!

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I have just heard that half of America is under water and the other half is drought ridden. Has anyone here been affected by these weather patterns? I feel it in my bones that something major is changing, does anyone else?

Cass wrote:
Hi Marie,
Yep, I am still here, I think maybe a lot of recent book reading may be going on. Or maybe Eldon is on vacation. I didn't open the "tes,t" I didn't recognize the sender. Hope all is livable back there where you are it is dry and hot out here in California.

Best regards,

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Hello, is anybody out there?

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