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RE: Theos-World-The Year of 2012

Aug 24, 2007 06:10 PM
by Cass Silva

Hello Als
  My theory on the Mayans is that they were aware that in 2012 our planetary system would go into a new phase, hence the reason why they could only plot the planets up to 2012, after that, their calculations would be unable to map a system that had not eventuated.  I don't hold with the end of days theory, I hold that it is simply a minor cataclysmic event which has the capability of wiping out many parts of the globe, but not all parts, and life will continue.
    August 23, 2007

Cross of Blood Alignment Sparks Fear of Horrific
August Cataclysm

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western

Though I rarely, if ever, publicly comment upon the
research of our Sisters, I felt that a recent report
by Sister Adriana-Maria from Belgium is worthy of your

Sister Adriana-Maria is a theoretical linguist who for
the past three years has been researching the works of
the 19th Century Russian Seer Helena Petrovna Hahn, or
as better known to the Western World as Madame
Blavatsky, and who was the Co-Founder of the
Theosophical Society which is accorded the status as
creating the schism between Christianity and what is
termed as ?New Age? thought in today?s Western World. 

In her report titled "Astrological Algorithms
Contained In Isis Unveiled", Sister Adriana-Maria
states her discovery of a polyalphabetic cipher
contained in Madame Blavatsky?s 1877 book, Isis
Unveiled, that
seemingly points to an horrific cataclysmic event
occurring during this weekends Triple Conjunction of
the Sun, Venus and Saturn. 

According to Sister Adriana-Maria, Madame Blavatsky in
1877 foresaw the catastrophic volcanic explosion of
the Island of Krakatoa, and which exploded with such
force that it is believed to have been the loudest
sound in recorded history, and which occurred on
August 27, 1883. 

But, not only did Madame Blavatsky foresee the 1883
Krakatoa event, she ?looked? further into the future,
130 years to be exact, to the year of 2007, and the
date of August 27th, and which she ?foresaw? and even
greater event which in her decoded cipher described as
??never before
have these [humans] seen such horror and destruction?.

Of astronomical events to occurring during the time
period that Madame Blavatsky indicates, between the
dates of August 26-28, 2007, it is interesting to find
the following:

1. As previously mentioned, this time period
finds the Sun, Venus and Saturn in a Triple

2. At 0800 UT (3:00 AM US Eastern Seaboard) on
August 27th the Planet Mars will rise in the Eastern
sky alongside Aldebaran the giant red star located in
the constellation Taurus and resembling ?two eerie,
unblinking eyes?. 

3. During the early morning hours of August 28th
one of the longest lunar eclipses in recorded history
will occur with our Moon becoming completely immersed
for nearly 90 minutes, and which will be visible to
the entire World. 

It is more than interesting to note, according to
Sister Adriana-Maria, the association of Aldebaran in
both Madame Blavatsky?s cipher prophecy and its
upcoming paring with Mars as the kabalistic symbol
[see top right image] for this ancient star of the
Persians, known as the Bulls Eye, for its being
located in the head of Taurus the Bull, in that all
pasts associations of Aldebaran and Mars have seen
great destruction and
turmoil upon our Planet. 

Greatly accentuating the conjoining of Aldebaran and
Mars, in what the ancient kabbalists termed the ?Cross
of Blood?, as evidenced by their symbol, is the nearly
simultaneous Lunar occultation of almost historic
time length, and which many researchers attribute to
being the cause of great earthquakes. 

Though firm scientific research on the linking of
Lunar eclipses and earthquake activity is sorely
lacking, there does remain abundant anecdotal evidence
of an association as great earthquakes are known to
occur within a short time period either immediately
prior to, or immediately following, total Lunar
eclipses, to include:

January 9, 2001 Total Lunar Eclipse: 7.6 magnitude
earthquake in India killing nearly 20,000

May 16, 2003 Total Lunar Eclipse: 6.4 magnitude
earthquake in Turkey killing nearly 200/ 6.8 magnitude
earthquake in Algeria killing nearly 2,500/ 7.0
magnitude earthquake in Japan with no deaths

November 9, 2003 Total Lunar Eclipse: 6.1 magnitude
earthquake in China destroying over 10,000 homes and
killing 9

May 4, 2004 Total Lunar Eclipse: Yellowstone Caldron
earthquake swarm lasting 3 days and causing over 400
small quakes

October 28, 2004 Total Lunar Eclipse: 6.7 magnitude
earthquake in Japan killing nearly 30

August 28, 2007 Total Lunar Eclipse: 8.0 magnitude
earthquake in Peru killing nearly 600 

Sister Adriana-Maria cautions in her report that
though earthquake activity, or other such catastrophic
natural disasters, does seem to be indicated in her
research of Madame Blavatsky?s ciphers, it by no means
rules out other types of disasters, including those
caused by war. 
http://www.whatdoes index1030. htm

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als <> wrote:
          Does the world-wide disasters and sufferings have anything to do with the
approaching end of Mayan Calendar in 2012, which quite a few men make a fuss
about in the internet? Does Madame Blavatsky or other Theosophists ever
wrote anything about it? Anyone?



From: M K Ramadoss [] 
Sent: Friday, August 24, 2007 11:30 AM
Subject: Re: Theos-World test

The suffering endured by those affected by the floods in the midwest is
terrible and i would not want that to happen to anyone. However, its
relative significance is minimal when compared with some of the
serious situations in other parts of the world, many of which are created by
our brothers and sisters. Hope future willbe better.


On 8/23/07, Cass Silva <silva_cass@yahoo. <>
com> wrote:
> I have just heard that half of America is under water and the other half
> is drought ridden. Has anyone here been affected by these weather
> I feel it in my bones that something major is changing, does anyone else?
> Cass

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