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Re: Theos-World test

Aug 23, 2007 04:03 PM
by M K Ramadoss

I am here. Your and als msgs were received loud and clear.

Here is a joke from the book by K's Chef. (writing from mymemory)

Pope died and was met by Peter at the entrance to heaven. Peter asked Pope
if he had any wish before he is despatched to Heaven for good. Pope wanted
to visit with the Lord before going to Heaven. Peter advised him that
visiting with the Lord is a very sensitive matter and he would not advise
Pope to do it. Pope was very insistent that he wants to see the Lord. So,
Peter directed to the entrance leading to Lord's place. Peter told him that
when he is back he will give directions to go to Heaven. Pope was overjoyed
and brimming with elation at the prospect of visiting with the Lord; who
would not. After about 15 minutes, Pope returned from the visit with the
Lord. He was a ghost of his former self and Peter asked him if how was his
visit with the Lord. Pope just said "She is a Woman".


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