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Re: Theos-World Fwd: The Secret Doctrine Volume 3

Aug 15, 2007 11:15 AM
by Augoeides-222

   Sorry, your links are not executable for some reason. Yes, you can read several different works that contain the term "Esoteric" in their titles it is likely you will find  dedicated Theosophical symbols in them T. Subba Row is another Author also. yes the Third Volumes has been issued for many years now and there is a ongoing discussion here from time to time in regard to authenticity, degree of authenticity and whether or not one can use it. I think the dust has settled to the point that most now think that much of it is from hand written or typed copy of original Blavatsky manuscripts that were posthumous legacy later managed by Annie Besant and others that assisted her. Daniel has posted on his web site voluminous contents regarding the 3rd Volume. I have two different editions myself.

  I will Google later the author of Architectural Symbols, thx.

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Hallo John
It toock me a bit, but finally I found Esoteric Instructions by 
H.P.B. at, I wander if that is what 
you ment by Esoteric Writtings.
I was amazed to find out that belongs to Secret Doctrine Volume 3 
I tougth was not being published yet.
As you can see I´m a bit out of touch with Theosophy, I really lost 
contact when I moved from Holland to South Spain. In Granada it´s 
imposible to find either good information or in case you do,either 
good Editions, wich I find fundamental, the only way is the web, 
good enougth, but myself I was just able to afford to have it at 
a couple of months ago.
Also I found a little lovely document from an Arquitect called Josep 
M. Gracia Bonamusa, the title is Simbolica Arquitectonica, I,m sorry 
can´t translate, his references are amongth many others 
San Agustín
Annie Besant

I don´t know if you know this person or migth be interested on him 
also if he would be Theosophycally correct. the link is
131146//TESIS.pdf, also sorry I still do not know how to introduce 

All Love


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