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Re: Theos-World The Secret Doctrine Volume 3

Aug 15, 2007 11:04 AM
by Augoeides-222

    Well, I went to my copy that I referred you to and did a quick fly through of it and saw that my recall of the volume of symbolic content was not correct in this case Raquel. There are only three or four fold-outs so this will not give you enough symbols to work with. I advise you to look else where.
  Plato's Five Forms or "Toys" have long been used as Blavatsky uses also the Circle, Triangle, Square, Hexagon, Dodecahedron.  Music symbols such as the Lyre of 3 and 7 strings have long been used, Robert Taylor wrote an excellent work the "Hymns of Orpheus." Musical Octaves have long been used as Pythagorean symbols in many variations. Birds are a consistent figure of symbolism such as the "Gurada" of India and Tibet, one of the most obscure important ancient Tibetan Temples  that predates historical Tibetan history was "The Silver Palace of Gurada" it is more than 2000 years old and is still being investigated. There is wonderful work on the Cloisters Tapestry's that have the Unicorn Cycle woven with a fairly replete assemblage of symbolical birds, flowers, botanicals, animals and types of people. All are important symbolic communications as a whole fabric.The Metals are important symbols in iconigraphic use. The Buddha is characterized as Golden. A really impressive modern work
 that reveals the symettry of Nature is by Hans Jenny "Cymatics." There is a nice History of Chinese Symbols called "Outlines of Chinese Symbolism & Art Motives" by C.A.S. Williams published by Dover Publications, New York ISBN#0-486-23372-3 front caption "What are the Four Intelligent Creatures?" They are: the Unicorn, the Phoenix, the Tortoise, and the Dragon." 1976.
The Objects man creates are used to symbolically communicate abstract religious and philosophical beliefs and ideas throughout history. Even the very Hats are distinctive indicators of office, Rank, Hierarchy, Civilization, Ethnic origin, Religion or Sect. Each contributor society has beautiful nuances of personalizations and personifications that ornament, adorn, and make resplendent life itself as a living legacy of beingness.

I will continue to look through my library for works that may assist your project.

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From: "raquel_rpj" <> 
Hallo John
It toock me a bit, but finally I found Esoteric Instructions by 
H.P.B. at, I wander if that is what 
you ment by Esoteric Writtings.
I was amazed to find out that belongs to Secret Doctrine Volume 3 wich 
I tougth was not being published yet.
As you can see I´m a bit out of touch with Theosophy, I really lost 
contact when I moved from Holland to South Spain. In Granada it´s 
imposible to find either good information or in case you do,either 
good Editions, wich I find fundamental, the only way is the web, being 
good enougth, but myself I was just able to afford to have it at home 
a couple of months ago.
Also I found a little lovely document from an Arquitect called Josep 
M. Gracia Bonamusa, the title is Simbolica Arquitectonica, I,m sorry I 
can´t translate, his references are amongth others 
San Agustín
Annie Besant
and many others.
I don´t know if you know this person or migth be interested on him and 
also if he would be Theosophycally correct. the link is


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