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The Secret Doctrine Volume 3

Aug 15, 2007 03:00 AM
by raquel_rpj

Hallo John
It toock me a bit, but finally I found Esoteric Instructions by 
H.P.B. at, I wander if that is what 
you ment by Esoteric Writtings.
I was amazed to find out that belongs to Secret Doctrine Volume 3 wich 
I tougth was not being published yet.
As you can see I´m a bit out of touch with Theosophy, I really lost 
contact when I moved from Holland to South Spain. In Granada it´s 
imposible to find either good information or in case you do,either 
good Editions, wich I find fundamental, the only way is the web, being 
good enougth, but myself I was just able to afford to have it at home 
a couple of months ago.
Also I found a little lovely document from an Arquitect called Josep 
M. Gracia Bonamusa, the title is Simbolica Arquitectonica, I,m sorry I 
can´t translate, his references are amongth others 
San Agustín
Annie Besant
and many others.
I don´t know if you know this person or migth be interested on him and 
also if he would be Theosophycally correct. the link is

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