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On commitment [Re: Theos-World Leon - Zero Point]

Aug 14, 2007 09:50 AM
by Jane Lucienne

Cass, this that I just read yesterday in The Key to Theosophy came to mind as I read your post (reference link follows quoted material):

ENQUIRER. Have you any ethical system that you carry out in the Society? 
THEOSOPHIST. The ethics are there, ready and clear enough for whomsoever would follow them. They are the essence and cream of the world's ethics, gathered from the teachings of all the world's great reformers. Therefore, you will find represented therein Confucius and Zoroaster, Laotze and the Bhagavat-Gita, the precepts of Gautama Buddha and Jesus of Nazareth, of Hillel and his school, as of Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, and their schools. 
ENQUIRER. Do the members of your Society carry out these precepts? I have heard of great dissensions and quarrels among them. 
THEOSOPHIST. Very naturally, since although the reform (in its present shape) may be called new, the men and women to be reformed are the same human, sinning natures as of old. As already said, the earnest working members are few; but many are the sincere and well-disposed persons, who try their best to live up to the Society's and their own ideals. Our duty is to encourage and assist individual fellows in self-improvement, intellectual, moral, and spiritual; not to blame or condemn those who fail. We have, strictly speaking, no right to refuse admission to anyone -- especially in the Esoteric Section of the Society, wherein "he who enters is as one newly born." But if any member, his sacred pledges on his word of honour and immortal Self notwithstanding, chooses to continue, after that "new birth," with the new man, the vices or defects of his old life, and to indulge in them still in the Society, then, of course, he is more than likely to be asked to
 resign and withdraw; or, in case of his refusal, to be expelled. We have the strictest rules for such emergencies. 
ENQUIRER. Can some of them be mentioned? 
THEOSOPHIST. They can. To begin with, no Fellow in the Society, whether exoteric or esoteric, has a right to force his personal opinions upon another Fellow. "It is not lawful for any officer of the Parent Society to express in public, by word or act, any hostility to, or preference for, any one section (3), religious or philosophical, more than another. All have an equal right to have the essential features of their religious belief laid before the tribunal of an impartial world. And no officer of the Society, in his capacity as an officer, has the right to preach his own sectarian views and beliefs to members assembled, except when the meeting consists of his co-religionists. After due warning, violation of this rule shall be punished by suspension or expulsion." This is one of the offences in the Society at large. As regards the inner section, now called the Esoteric, the following rules have been laid down and adopted, so far back as 1880. "No Fellow
 shall put to his selfish use any knowledge communicated to him by any member of the first section (now a higher 'degree'); violation of the rule being punished by expulsion." Now, however, before any such knowledge can be imparted, the applicant has to bind himself by a solemn oath not to use it for selfish purposes, nor to reveal anything said except by permission. 
ENQUIRER. But is a man expelled, or resigning, from the section free to reveal anything he may have learned, or to break any clause of the pledge he has taken? 
THEOSOPHIST. Certainly not. His expulsion or resignation only relieves him from the obligation of obedience to the teacher, and from that of taking an active part in the work of the Society, but surely not from the sacred pledge of secrecy. 
ENQUIRER. But is this reasonable and just? 
THEOSOPHIST. Most assuredly. To any man or woman with the slightest honourable feeling a pledge of secrecy taken even on one's word of honour, much more to one's Higher Self -- the God within -- is binding till death. And though he may leave the Section and the Society, no man or woman of honour will think of attacking or injuring a body to which he or she has been so pledged. 
ENQUIRER. But is not this going rather far? 
THEOSOPHIST. Perhaps so, according to the low standard of the present time and morality. But if it does not bind as far as this, what use is a pledge at all? How can anyone expect to be taught secret knowledge, if he is to be at liberty to free himself from all the obligations he had taken, whenever he pleases? What security, confidence, or trust would ever exist among men, if pledges such as this were to have no really binding force at all? Believe me, the law of retribution (Karma) would very soon overtake one who so broke his pledge, and perhaps as soon as the contempt of every honourable man would, even on this physical plane. As well expressed in the N. Y. "Path" just cited on this subject, "A pledge once taken, is for ever binding in both the moral and the occult worlds. If we break it once and are punished, that does not justify us in breaking it again, and so long as we do, so long will the mighty lever of the Law (of Karma) react upon us." (The
 Path, July, 1889.)

~ Jane

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From: Cass Silva <>
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2007 11:51:00 PM
Subject: Re: Theos-World Leon - Zero Point

Hi John
I think my blockage is that I want proof prior to real commitment, so this lifetime, I guess is about learning as much as I can from HPB in order that when I do get the proof I will understand, at least partially,the underlying nature of God (for want of a better term), ipso facto, me as part of humanity. 

What I need when I open and close my hand is proof that there is momentarily compacted space, otherwise all I get is 'nothing'. Maybe its Karma, who knows. 


Augoeides-222@ wrote:
Thanks for Holmes Web site link, I will read in due time. Holmes may have said one should be "Empty" of desire but it is an established Tenet in all the Eastern Teaching Branches. Padmasambhava said this also as the Buddha did long before him. You can read much about Dukha or Clinging that is intimate to desire and the Gunas. Attachment is a fixation of conditioned mind, the Original Being is Empty but has Bythos of the Plenum. Reach out your hand, grasp the air, open your hand, look at your hand, what is in your hand? One cannot grasp or possess the True Space. What is it that is about you? My point of view only.

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From: Cass Silva <silva_cass@yahoo. com> 
Hello John
I thought it was excellent also, I sent it to Leon hoping that he would verify his theory. Weren't the illustrations awe inspiring? I think I might get the book as he has been able to simplify many of those concepts for me. He also has a very good web site although I only briefly looked at it. I think it was Holmes that said that to access higher consciousness, the heart must be emptied of all desires?
http://www.zeropoin htm


Augoeides-222@ wrote:
Thanks for giving this great link!!! Christopher Holmes in this video makes a wonderful presentation on Madame Blavatsky complete with Theosophical Emblems, I very much enjoyed listening to this 9 minute video! I noted on the right side-bar there are many other Videos on the ZPE Zero Point Energy alias the Laya Center Point of Theosophy. I might also insert that Radha had quite a bit to say about John Worrell Keely who also in arriving at his invention referred to "The Inter-Etheric Point," his description of the ZPE and Laya. In the Video they show three vertically oriented golden points, Keely postulated in his machine the Three necessary elements of the Positive Pole, Negative pole and the Neutral Vacuum Point that mediates the completed Circuit. H.P.B. said that it is the Neutral Vacuum that facilitates the ability to produce the "Bell" sounds she hears and also created at times. It is the Astral Phone that rings for us. Keely had a theorem of
 Planetary Suspension&; that
entirely dependent on the Zero point (Laya Center) and quite interesting. I took the opportunity to forward your link to friends.
Thanks, John 

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From: Cass Silva <silva_cass@yahoo. com> com/watch? v=eJtvUqXPfKU

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