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ESOTERIC BUDDHISM is a "trustworthy presentation"....

Aug 14, 2007 09:01 AM
by danielhcaldwell

ESOTERIC BUDDHISM is "a 'trustworthy presentation' 
of the Master's teachings AS A WHOLE".


Master K.H. wrote the following about ESOTERIC BUDDHISM:

...Be certain, that with a few undetectable mistakes and omissions
notwithstanding, your "Esoteric Buddhism" is the only right
exposition -- however incomplete -- of our Occult doctrines. You have
made no cardinal, fundamental mistakes; and whatever may be given to
you hereafter will not clash with a single sentence in your book but
on the contrary will explain away any seeming contradiction. . . .

H.P. Blavatsky wrote as follows on ESOTERIC BUDDHISM:

"Esoteric Buddhism" [by A.P. Sinnett] . . . is an excellent book [on
Theosophy], and has done still more excellent work. But this does not
alter the fact that it contains some mistaken notions. . . .

The time has arrived for the explanation of some matters in this
direction. Mistakes have now to be checked by the original teachings
and corrected. . . .

Elsewhere, H.P.B. wrote:

No one has ever dreamt of denying that "Esoteric Buddhism" was
a "trustworthy presentation" of the Master's teachings AS A WHOLE.
That which is asserted is simply that some PERSONAL speculations of
its author were faulty, and led to erroneous conclusions, (a) on
account of their incompleteness, and (b) because of the evident
anxiety to reconcile them with modern PHYSICAL science, instead of
metaphysical philosophy....

How many other books in the history of modern Theosophy have been 
given this kind of recommendation by the Master KH and H.P. Blavatsky?


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