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Re: Theos-World Gregory Tillett on Adyar TS Membership Statistics

Aug 14, 2007 01:39 AM
by Raquel Rodríguez

Hallo Morten
  Well, numbers can be ambiguos depending on what.
    A seed that lies long under the soil, just waiting for the rigth moment to grow
does not becomes weaker.
  Also you have to think, that most people likes eassy, and Darwinisim was an eassy gum to chew.
  This could be a sing of estagnation, but can also look at it from other point of view. Most religions institutions, througth history had somehow imposed their filosofy. People lived on fear of not believing. Not having to belive on anything, makes people free from shame and guiltyness, a heavy burden that humankind has been carring for too long.
  The new culture is guy and ligth, and very economicaly centered, maybe its needed to concentrate atention on the material plain, because material in balance makes you intelectually free. Maybe having the freedom to chose what to belive one can really find out what the truth is.
  M K Ramadoss <> escribió:
          Considering the growth of population world-wide, the membership seems to be
almost stationery in numbers but declining as a percentage of population. In
addition, after the collapse of soviet bloc, many in those countries have
access to info world wide. So if this factored in, the percentage is
shrinking. So one wonders if the time of growth for the TS is over. Another
fact is that most of the upcoming growing organizations are
usually headed by younger leaders as evidenced by historical facts.
When i see an organization headed by
old leaders, in many cases those who had another full life career and
after retirement take the leadership as
a second career, I am yet to see a spiritual organization growing. So
all this seems to point out that either
we have resign ourselves to the status quo/slow decline in terms of quantity
of membership.

Any one any thoughts?


On 8/13/07, danielhcaldwell <> wrote:
> Anand,
> Thanks for your question. Dr. Gregory Tillett
> wrote the following on Theos-Talk in 2002:
> --------------------------------------------------------
> In researching the influence of Leadbeater on the Adyar TS, I
> accumulated large amounts of membrship statistics and included an
> appendix on membership figures in my PhD thesis. The following is a
> brief summary of the figures. For all sorts of methodological reasons
> (e.g. different "official" sources sometimes give different figures)
> they cannot be regarded as definitive, and are drawn from a range of
> sources (e.g. Annual Reports). I have figures for every year from
> 1907-1983, but only give sample years below. No accurate records
> exist for 1875-1906. Josphine Ransom estimate 10000 as the memebrship
> in 1900.
> Year
> 1907 14863
> 1910 20356
> 1915 25696
> 1920 36350
> 1925 41645
> 1928 45098
> 1930 39311
> 1935 30317
> 1940 23644
> 1945 29327
> 1950 32564
> 1955 32902
> 1960 33875
> 1965 31424
> 1970 31721
> 1975 34357
> 1980 34391
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> Read more of Dr. Tillett's posting at:
> Hope this helps.
> Daniel

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