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Re: Theos-World Leon - Zero Point

Aug 13, 2007 06:08 PM
by Cass Silva

 Hello John
  I thought it was excellent also, I sent it to Leon hoping that he would verify his theory.  Weren't the illustrations awe inspiring?  I think I might get the book as he has been able to simplify many of those concepts for me.  He also has a very good web site although I only briefly looked at it.  I think it was Holmes that said that to access higher consciousness, the heart must be emptied of all desires?
  Cass wrote:
Thanks for giving this great link!!! Christopher Holmes in this video makes a wonderful presentation on Madame Blavatsky complete with Theosophical Emblems, I very much enjoyed listening to this 9 minute video! I noted on the right side-bar there are many other Videos on the ZPE Zero Point Energy alias the Laya Center Point of Theosophy. I might also insert that Radha had quite a bit to say about John Worrell Keely who also in arriving at his invention referred to "The Inter-Etheric Point," his description of the ZPE and Laya. In the Video they show three vertically oriented golden points, Keely postulated in his machine the Three necessary elements of the Positive Pole, Negative pole and the Neutral Vacuum Point that mediates the completed Circuit. H.P.B. said that it is the Neutral Vacuum that facilitates the ability to produce the "Bell" sounds she hears and also created at times. It is the Astral Phone that rings for us. Keely had a theorem of Planetary Suspension&;that
entirely dependent on the Zero point (Laya Center) and quite interesting. I took the opportunity to forward your link to friends.
Thanks, John 

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