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Re: Devachan Re: Theos-World Dying & Soon After

Aug 12, 2007 07:50 PM
by Cass Silva

Hello John
  It seems to me we have more fun in Kamaloka!  I tried your link but came up with a Page Not Found  Perhaps you could resend?
  Cass wrote:
          Cass and all,
One has the "swoon of death" as the shock of losing the body. In the Thodol Bardo when the person returns to a quasi conscious awareness in the new state and prior to entering Devachan there is much to be confronted. May I suggest a "contrast" to fafacilitatesp;views about this topic:


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Dear All
Konstantin's answer raises even more problems. Leadbeater's theory has too many holes in it as it suggests that we are still creating ego productions, some more accurate to our memory than others. If Blavatsky is right the only consolation for me is that when the conscious I is no longer operating, time becomes oblivious, as in a dream, so we wouldn't be aware that we were in a devachanic dream state because we would only awake until the next birth.

So if we contemplate and address our past life by creating the same egos that were once in our life we may become resolute about taking a different tact when incarnate, but I do not see how it reflects in a higher consciousness as the newly formed lower self has no memory of the choices that were made by the higher self and once again we may be left or arrive with a phobia, e.g. aversion to drink yet being born in the environment that will best test this behaviour.

It also suggests that genius is only achieved through physical existence and through lifetimes of practice, only then could Beethoven access the music of the spheres.

I really like the idea of when in devachan attending Plato's Academy so he could explain his philosophy direct. No amount of me creating Plato's ego would give me the answers on his philosophy because all I would have are the questions and not the answers?



Konstantin Zaitzev <> wrote:
--- In, Cass Silva wrote:

> My understanding of this teaching is that because it is 'subjective'
> we create our former friends and relatives into our consciousness. 
> Not unlike a dream, but a dream where we direct the actions and the 
> participants?
> This has always been a bit of a stumbling block for me as I want to 
> believe that Devachan is not unlike the movie made by Robyn

Leadbeater tried to get around this difficulty proposing that these 
images serve as the channels of manifestation for the real egos of 
your friends, and the extent of this manifestation depends of 
perfection of images you create. If images are one-sided, only few 
aspects could manifest through them. It would fit well with 
Blavatsky's assertion that devachan, though being an illusion, is no 
bigger illusion than our physical life is. These images, serving as 
additional forms of manifestation, help your friends too, so the 
progress of those whose numerous images are created by devachani, goes 

I'm leaving Moscow now and will not be able to continue the 

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