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Re: Theos-World Hello to everyone:

Aug 11, 2007 10:01 AM
by Augoeides-222

   Your welcome. Enjoy. Life is Victorious! I apologize for the confusing text in my E-mail. I really don't know why or how it happened. I did a complete Spell check and it looked fine when it was sent
but was mangled on arrival. 
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From: Raquel Rodríguez <> 
Well ¿what can I say? I´m overwelmeld. Really thankyou, I think i can spend the hole day looking for information on the net. This is of great value for me. As for English, is no problem, I can read it better than talk or writte, I read the secret Doctrine in english and bassicly all filosofy boocks and tarot. I would say my mind open to ocultisim in english and i feeel more confortable reading this subjects on this language, even to the 

Thanks again

Have a lovely day, talk to you soon

Raquel escribió:
Hi, nice to have you give us your project and interest. It is a wonderful idea you have as a project via your skills and craft knowledges. One thing you have there in Spain is the National Treasure of Antonio Guida and his wonderful Architechual creations in Barcelona I was astonished and amazed by his designs.In the Esoteric Writings of H. P. B. there are many Symbolic Diagrams she authorized and placed there for us, you may look into Daniel Caldwell's excellent Blavatsky Archives for it to peruse. Also here are two works by Theosophist's that may be a useful stimulator for you:
1. The Mathematics of the Cosmic Mind - Author L. Gordon Plummer
2. The Web of the Universe Author E. L. Gardner
I don't know if they are available in Spanish for you. Another excellent source are the works of Manley P. Hall he published many excellent works under the auspices of the Philosophical Research Society in LA California, USA.There are also available in enEnglishiDictionary'sf Symbols, you might try Google asas aearch tool.
The is a Penultimate Epic of the Northern Peoples called "The Kalevala" and there are many weweb sitesbout it online, it is a very old handed down orally tradition.
The Arabic ArArtisansho crafted the Alhambra and other beautiful works were couched in NeNeoplatoniceaching and used the Platonic Solids ( the Toys of Plato) which are also treated at length in various Theosophical works.
Also there is a retired NASA Scientist who has had interest in Oriental Carpets but he devotes his research to a scientific inquiry as to skills of the anancientsHis name is Pavel Smutny and if you Google his name you will find his several weweb sites/DIV> 
In the Eastern Religion some use the Integration of Symbol, Mantra, Image as Tools toward a purposeful production here are a few works that might be of use:

1. Psycho-cosmic Symbolism of the Buddhist Stupa Author Lama Anagarika Govinda This work deal with the measure anproportionon in the precision of the design of Buddhist MonumenArchitecturere and had many illustrations.
2. Both the I Ching and the T'ai Hsuan Ching together may indicate the organization of prerequisite ordinance that mediates Design.
3. The Dharani Sutra Instructs on the use of the Symbolic Objects seen in the Buddhist Designs of the Mahayana, KoreanJapanesese sects Mandala , Thanka Gowns of the Monks.
4. ThTantricic Mysticism of Tibet Author John Blofeld has content on the Geometric Design of thMandalala. Not illustrated much, very wordy.
5. Theophilus - On Diverse Arts - The Foremost Medieval Treatise on Painting, Glassmaking and Metalwork Authors John GHawthorne andnd Cyril Stanley Smith. This is a wonderful work that shows the devices of the trades men and the formulations otheirer works.

I hope something of use is here for you.

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From: "raquel_rpj" 

Hello to everyone:
I salute from south Spain. Granada.
First of all I want to apologyse by spelling and grammar, as english is
not my mother language.
I work here in construction and crafts(keramisit, estuco, tiles
aplication and dessings).
My little personal proyect is to give back to arquiteture, the old
language of ancient simbols.
Luckily, Granada it´s and exelent place for inspiration, as it has a
great heritage of arts and crafts, developed in laps of human history
where three religions where able to share their misticisim.
It´s known to every one that a wood crafter(for example), transmited
to his work a mathematical mistical knowelege, that he would adquiere
throug his all life, first as an aprendice.
The Alhambra tiles desings, sow a mathematical composition that remains
unveiled at the time. There are being copied industrialy, but just as a
geometric and simetryc pattern.
I would like to know if there would be a way to find out the original
mathematic and filosofical font of the work, not just in Granada but any

Also I would like to find about hermetic meaning of construction or any
craft and art. Sibolissim aplied to arquitecture, etc.

I´ve got with me a very friendly book, from a German University
teacher, (Volkmar Gantzhorn)called oriental carpets. he has a curious
theory, about their origins being Armenian and early chritians, their
simbols. Being this simbols a development of their old religion. He
makes an exaustive translation of this simbols. He also seems very
pasionate an at some estage he mistakes througth the hole book the
concept of mantra by tantra, I recorn why.

Also, there is a book I have a great curiosity, log time ago. H.P.B.
talks about it in the Secret Doctrine, I think in the Chapter:
Correlations of Gods.

It´s called: Tales and traditions of our northern ancestors by W.
Anson, but I never foud such a boock either on librarys or the net.
It´s About European mythology, witch as european, I thik it,s totaly

Well I do not know if you people are interested on this subject, however
thans for your mail investigation.

Let all beings be happy

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