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Dates of death for Jasper Neimand (Julia Keightley) and Vera Johnston

Aug 11, 2007 09:26 AM
by Jake Benson

Greetings everyone,

Would anyone know of the dates for the passing of Julia Keightley, aka
"Jasper Neimand"?  Also the same for Vera Johnston, a niece of HPB's
who married Charles Johnston?  Charles Johnston's obit in the New York
Times (Oct. 17, 1931, the day after his death) states that he was a
widower when he passed. 

Archibald Keightley's death can be deduced from a brief mention in NY
Times (Jan 23, 1931; pg. 26) of his bequeathing his possessions to the
NYTS.  It gives the date of his passing as Nov. 18th, 1930.  there was
no mention of hsis wife.  Theosophical Quarterly Magazine seems to
mention that she has passed in 1930 issues, but I find nothing
specific- as of yet.  

There are no obituaries in the NY TIMES for either of these women, as
far as I can tell.  Perhaps more info on the spouses was published
elsewhere?  Both Julia and Vera were important early figures in the
TS, so I hope this info can be found.

Jake Benson

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