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RE: Theos-World Introducing Myself

Aug 11, 2007 05:05 AM
by Raquel Rodríguez

Hi Jane,
  Nice to hear from you, wellcome to the group
  I´m also new and I felt exactly the same, I have more cuestions than answers, but I´m amassed about how lovely are these people.
  I think I understand you rather much about what you say in relation with sharing your search with people. It became a time of my life i felt very lonely. First I whanted to cry, almost shout to the world what I just have learned, then I felt lonely, then something happend the last years. I keept silent and live by my own. The feeling grew inside like a secret that espands silently. i stoped discusing even with people that said to think as I do. I also stpoed reading and estuding, I felt psique undigestion. I began to look, at my work and my tools, at the sun in the morning and the evening downs, birds, stones, I found my way I think.
  Fullfilment I think now is not anymore exitement, is the calm silent felling, that every thing queeps on turning without you needing to to anything, but you can listen and wacth it and what is more magical, just be a part of it and concience of it.
  I also read Tarot cards, Waite and Colman, but I have to say it is one of the think I´ve avandone a bit. I think I could not stop miself being too naife with them. But After i´ve done the work I have now to acomplise, I will return to them again. 
  About astrology, I never whent in to studiyng it, but I was really happy to met someone once that was a truthfull, friendly, sincere astrologer. He introduced me to the basics, wich I also needed to learn the cards, he was my teacher in many aspects of my life.
  His email is I think you can writte him, he will be happy to talk with you. Friendliest man I´ve ever met and also a lonelener on the path.
  Mhigth all being be happy
  Have fun

Jane Lucienne <> escribió:
          Greetings, Friends :-)

You will probably all be delighted to hear that Theosophy is a subject I have much to learn about and that I probably have virtually nothing to contribute to discussion threads except queries and probes for deeper understanding, if that.

I consider myself to be spiritually eclectic and am constantly trolling the waters in search of signs of intelligent life after work. I have been on a self-study path, exploring a variety of occult and mysticism topics, becoming familiar in a general way with Theosophy, since 1970. 

What got me started on my path was a correspondence course in astrology from the Rosicrucian Fellowship and my first deck of tarot cards (Rider-Waite), progressing to the Thoth Tarot (Crowley-Harris), and subsequently exploring the differences in philosophy of the four most popular tarot deck authors who based their decks on the western kabalah. This led me to inquire into the history of tarot and specifically the spiritual-political movements of the time, ascended masters, and a lot of other stuff including religions and cultures of the world. 

I still use the Qabalistic Tarot for path working. But to this day I probably cannot carry on an intelligent conversation about astrology because nobody shares a common frame of reference with me since I have such a negative visceral response to astrology in the forms it has come to take. After inquiring into as many astrology systems as I could find to compare (why are there so many?) I finally settled on none of them, (re)turning to the real sky and indeed the whole of the Universe as the tap root of a hybrid system of my own (rogue that I am). I don't have a "practice" of any sort. I work for a living. And I dabble :-) 

I am enjoying this list and have a great appreciation for all of your wonderful posts. Thank you.

~ Jane

"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song." ~ Maya Angelou

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