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Dying & Soon After

Aug 10, 2007 09:24 PM
by danielhcaldwell

According to the Eastern teaching the state of the deceased in Kama-
loka is not what we, living men, would recognize as "conscious". It 
is rather that of a person stunned and dazed by a violent blow, who 
has momentarily "lost his senses". Hence in Kama-loka there is as a 
rule (apart from vicarious life and consciousness awakened through 
contact with mediums) no recognition of friends or relatives.

We meet those we loved only in Devachan, that subjective world of 
perfect bliss, the state which succeeds the Kama-loka, after the 
separation of the principles. In Devachan all our personal, 
unfulfilled spiritual desires and aspirations will be realized; for 
we shall not be living in the hard world of matter but in those 
subjective realms wherein a desire finds its instant realization; 
because man himself is there a god and a creator.

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