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Re: Theos-World Hello to everyone:

Aug 10, 2007 09:51 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Welcome to the group.

For the kind of info you are looking for, you may want to search
theosophical on-line material that is on the web. hopefully you will find
them or someone who is aware may point to the way.


On 8/10/07, raquel_rpj <> wrote:
> Hello to everyone:
> I salute from south Spain. Granada.
> First of all I want to apologyse by spelling and grammar, as english is
> not my mother language.
> I work here in construction and crafts(keramisit, estuco, tiles
> aplication and dessings).
> My little personal proyect is to give back to arquiteture, the old
> language of ancient simbols.
> Luckily, Granada it´s and exelent place for inspiration, as it has a
> great heritage of arts and crafts, developed in laps of human history
> where three religions where able to share their misticisim.
> It´s known to every one that a wood crafter(for example), transmited
> to his work a mathematical mistical knowelege, that he would adquiere
> throug his all life, first as an aprendice.
> The Alhambra tiles desings, sow a mathematical composition that remains
> unveiled at the time. There are being copied industrialy, but just as a
> geometric and simetryc pattern.
> I would like to know if there would be a way to find out the original
> mathematic and filosofical font of the work, not just in Granada but any
> culture.
> Also I would like to find about hermetic meaning of construction or any
> craft and art. Sibolissim aplied to arquitecture, etc.
> I´ve got with me a very friendly book, from a German University
> teacher, (Volkmar Gantzhorn)called oriental carpets. he has a curious
> theory, about their origins being Armenian and early chritians, their
> simbols. Being this simbols a development of their old religion. He
> makes an exaustive translation of this simbols. He also seems very
> pasionate an at some estage he mistakes througth the hole book the
> concept of mantra by tantra, I recorn why.
> Also, there is a book I have a great curiosity, log time ago. H.P.B.
> talks about it in the Secret Doctrine, I think in the Chapter:
> Correlations of Gods.
> It´s called: Tales and traditions of our northern ancestors by W.
> Anson, but I never foud such a boock either on librarys or the net.
> It´s About European mythology, witch as european, I thik it,s totaly
> lost.
> Well I do not know if you people are interested on this subject, however
> thans for your mail investigation.
> Let all beings be happy

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