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Re: Theos-World Last books

Aug 09, 2007 09:43 AM
by Augoeides-222

  Thanks a lot, the listing you provided looks very interesting. And Hi since I haven't seen you post before to my memory. I will be perusing the website with interest.

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Several of the books mentioned the last days can be read, long time ago, in the Digital Lybrary of India. and others:

An Epitome of Theosophy... Syed Abdul-hafiz, Religion. Theology. English, 1934. 78 pgs.
Basic Theosophy The Living Wisdom... Pannaala Shyaamasun'daramuurti, Religion. English, 1981. 584 pgs.
Elementary Theosophy... L W Rogers, Sports. English, 1929. 304 pgs.
First Principles Of Theosophy... C Jinarajadasa, Religion. Theology. English, 0. 254 pgs.
First book of Theosophy... Pavri P, Religion. Theology. English, 1927. 364 pgs.
Is Theosophy Anti-christian... G Herbert Whyte, Religion. Theology. English, 1914. 68 pgs.
Is This Theosophy... Ernest Egerton Wood, Religion. English, 1936. 326 pgs.
Natural Theosophy... Ernest Wood, Natural Sciences. English, 1930. 258 pgs.
The Key To Theosophy... H P Blavatsky, Unknown. English, 1920. 380 pgs.
The Key To Theosophy... Blavatsky H P, Philosophy. English, 1953. 273 pgs.
The Key to Theosophy... H P Blavatsky, Unknown. English, 1948. 380 pgs.
The Ocean Of Theosophy... William Q. Judge, Fiction. English, 1937. 178 pgs.
The Science Of Social Organisation Of The Laws Of Manu In The Light Of Theosophy... Bhagavan Das, Social Sciences. English, 1910. 390 pgs.
The Theosophic Gleaner A Popular Journal Of Theosophy Volume Vii 1897 98... no, Religion. Theology. English, 1898. 342 pgs.
Theosophy... Muller F Max, Philosophy Psycology. English, 1917. 625 pgs.
Theosophy And The Theosophical Society... no, Linguistics Literature. English, 1913. 134 pgs.
Theosophy Explained... Pavri, P, Religion. Theology. English, 1925. 602 pgs.
Theosophy Explained In Questions And Answers... Pavri P, Philosophy. English, 1930. 588 pgs.
Theosophy For Beginners... Catherine W Christie, Religion. Theology. English, 1910. 172 pgs.
Theosophy In India Vol Xxiv... C W Leadbeater, Philosophy. Psychology. English, 1927. 376 pgs.
Theosophy Or Psychological Religion The Gifford Lectures... F Max Muller, Unknown. English, 1917. 614 pgs.
Theosophy Psychological Religion... The Gifford, General. English, 1899. 614 pgs.
Theosophy Religion And Occult Science... Henry S. Olcott, Religion. English, 1901. 374 pgs.
Theosophy and Modern Thought... Jinarajadasa.c, Religion. Theology. English, 1915. 190 pgs.
Where Theosophy And Science Meet... Kanga.d.d, Philosophy. English, 1939. 274 pgs.

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