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Re: Theos-World Advertizing theosophy

Aug 08, 2007 10:30 AM
by Henry B. Ellak

Just a thought,
 the reading level of the masses in America is declining. 
If people can not read very well, then what.

Theosophy books require reading and if people do not read,
then there is a problem.

Possible to make video and audio tapes, made by very good
Audio tapes could be used in cars by americans.
Video tapes, could be sold for use in tv's at home, or
given to college libraries.

Or Make Videos to be shown on internet.

This would require some theosophists to be very good

If Christians can take their message to peoples who do not
even have a written language, why cannot theosophy do this
as well?
How about Lectures, by very well spoken theosophists, with
special graphics and special effects, put on video, to be
used on internet, or even on tv, to reach those who do not

Or how about a radio show about theosophy?  Radio is
cheaper than TV.  What basic concepts would theosophy even
want to put on radio and tv?

Or truth be told, is it theosophy is not for those who can
not read?

For that matter, is theosophy for everybody, given that
everybody can not understand it.

I know many people, who if I try to explain theosophy to
them, they just do not get it.  

Should theosophy be watered down, simplied for the masses
who do not read?  

Henry B.Ellak

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