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Theos-World Neff Re: Wachtmeister's "Reminiscences

Aug 08, 2007 01:32 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, "M K Ramadoss" wrote:

> Why dont you contact them and find out if they would allow you to
> scan and put the 1990 russian edition on line. Since it may not

We have it online, though it's illegal.
But I'm speaking about new hard-copy publication.
There are many slanderous books about Blavatsky in Russia, and there 
came a possibility to print better biography. One of the biggest 
publishing houses agrees to print it but we have no rights for 
existing translations neither of Neff's nor Cranston's book.

Neff is an older author and her book is shorter so we selected hers.

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