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Does Kundalini awaken Buddhi

Aug 07, 2007 07:27 AM
by Henry B. Ellak**

--- Pablo Sender wrote [Henry edited to show what Henry is
responding to,]

> Kundalini  is only a lower aspect of Fohat, its awakening
has to do with the
> psychic level 
> (not the spiritual),
 you can awaken it--Kundalini -- by the known
> exercises, but it 
> won't activate Buddhi.
 According to Occultism, we cannot awaken the  higher
through the lower 
(is everybody aware of that
> teaching?????????????????????????????????????????????????
Hi Pablo,

 No, I am not book aware of the statement """ we cannot
awaken the higher through the lower,""""

but I have come to sense that this may be so.  I am on 2
kundalini lists, and always the topic of sex [tantra] comes
up as a way to activate the kundalini and to reach
enlightenment.  It is mentioned that Kundalini is the
highest best path to enlightenment, and then tantra [sex]
is thrown into the mix.
Really, I posted back that if sex leads to enlightenment,
why isn't the world enlightened already. 

I sense that sex, not even tantra, does not  lead to
enlightenment.  I mean, knowledge of Atman. 

 I can 
> give HPB's references, when she talks about the Tattvas).

Yes, --- Pablo  please give references where HPB shows the
limitations of Kundalini as a way to know Atman.
Just awakening Kundalini, is tnat all a person has to do to
reach Atman?  I have began to sense that here in America,
Kundalini is being oversold because it is packaged with


> But, awakening Buddhi, the person will be able to awaken
> Kundalini, 
> although the Occultist method is through meditation, and
> not through 
> breathing or sex exercises.
> p
  Pablo, please give some more input on the above.  What
kind of meditation to use to awaken Buddhi?  Is Kundalini
movement up the spine needed to awaken Buddhi?

Thank You, Henry B.Ellak

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