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Re: Theos-World The ULT Mindset

Aug 06, 2007 04:59 PM
by Cass Silva

Hello Gregory
  Too true.  As Dr Phil says those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing.
  Cass wrote:
          I continue to be fascinated by the peculiar mindset within which
supporters of the ULT appear to operate!
I did not direct any questions to the ULT about Crosbie (nor do I have any
desire to write a biography of him nor to compile a history of the ULT).
The ULT makes a number of specific claims: I asked some basic questions
about those claims. I read nothing sinister into the (apparent) refusal to
reply; it simply confirms my view that the ULT in fact bears little
relationship to the ULT as represented in its publications.
Writing about me as ?The Unfriendly Theosopher? (much as the title
appeals!) would be misleading: I am neither a ?Theosopher? nor a
I am an historian.
The disciples of Leadbeater may consider the publication of the facts of
Leadbeater?s history as an ?unfriendly? act - but that is what historians
(as contrasted with propagandists, ideologues, devotees, apologists and
evangelists) do.
The appropriate response to the work of an historian with whom you do not
agree is to publish evidence that his or her history is flawed.
If that is beyond your intellectual or moral capacity ? or you?re simply
too lazy to undertake the necessary research - then personal abuse is
always a convenient alternative!

Dr Gregory Tillett


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