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Secret doctrine HPB why so many different

Aug 04, 2007 03:46 AM
by christinaleestemaker


vol is Pablo,
As I see thee are a lot of published SD's
and as far as I can see in my editions of 1979 
this Adyar,Wheaton,London press have three books:
1= vol 1 cosmogenesis - 696 pages
2.antropogenesis      -817
3  index and bibliography + stanza's -520pages.
In this books I found in concordance that vol 3 in other published
ones ended at page 443 

All to be found in this volumes about Pineal gland are in vol 2 pages
119, and 301

Farther is nothing about that.

FrGr Christina

-- In, "Pablo Sender" <pasender@...> wrote:
> Hi Christina, thanks for your message
> You are probably right from the point of view of physiology. But we 
> have to bear in mind that HPB sometimes used a "pseudo-scientific" 
> language. She would use the word "atom", "molecule", etc., in a more 
> metaphysical way (as for example, when she says the atoms in other 
> solar systems are different from this one). Therefore, I guess, the 
> damage she talks about is not in their organic functions but in their 
> occult role. She speaks about their (pineal gland and 
> pituitary) "auras" and how delicate they are. Strong vibrations seem 
> to affect them in their subtler function.
> Here's another interesting quotation og HPB:
> "The special physical organ of perception is the brain, and 
> perception is located in the aura of the pineal gland. This aura 
> answers in vibrations to any impressions, but it can only be sensed, 
> not perceived, in the living man. During the process of thought 
> manifesting in consciousness, a constant vibration occurs in the 
> light of this aura, and a clairvoyant looking at the brain of a 
> living man may almost count, see with the spiritual eye, the seven 
> scales, the seven shades of light, passing from the dullest to the 
> brightest. You touch your hand; before you touch it the vibration is 
> already in the aura of the pineal gland, and has its own shade of 
> colour. It is this aura which causes the wear and tear of the organ, 
> by the vibrations its sets up. The brain, set vibrating, conveys the 
> vibrations to the spinal cord, and so to the rest of the body. 
> Happiness as well as sorrow sets up these strong vibrations, and so 
> wears out the body. Powerful vibrations of joy or sorrow may thus 
> kill." (SD, Vol. III, p. 577)
> Fraternally
> p

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