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Re: Theos-World Kundalini and Buddhi (balancing endocrine and nervous system )

Aug 03, 2007 05:03 AM
by Pablo Sender

Hi Christina, thanks for your message

You are probably right from the point of view of physiology. But we 
have to bear in mind that HPB sometimes used a "pseudo-scientific" 
language. She would use the word "atom", "molecule", etc., in a more 
metaphysical way (as for example, when she says the atoms in other 
solar systems are different from this one). Therefore, I guess, the 
damage she talks about is not in their organic functions but in their 
occult role. She speaks about their (pineal gland and 
pituitary) "auras" and how delicate they are. Strong vibrations seem 
to affect them in their subtler function.
Here's another interesting quotation og HPB:

"The special physical organ of perception is the brain, and 
perception is located in the aura of the pineal gland. This aura 
answers in vibrations to any impressions, but it can only be sensed, 
not perceived, in the living man. During the process of thought 
manifesting in consciousness, a constant vibration occurs in the 
light of this aura, and a clairvoyant looking at the brain of a 
living man may almost count, see with the spiritual eye, the seven 
scales, the seven shades of light, passing from the dullest to the 
brightest. You touch your hand; before you touch it the vibration is 
already in the aura of the pineal gland, and has its own shade of 
colour. It is this aura which causes the wear and tear of the organ, 
by the vibrations its sets up. The brain, set vibrating, conveys the 
vibrations to the spinal cord, and so to the rest of the body. 
Happiness as well as sorrow sets up these strong vibrations, and so 
wears out the body. Powerful vibrations of joy or sorrow may thus 
kill." (SD, Vol. III, p. 577)


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