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Re: citating Theosophy

Aug 02, 2007 03:47 PM
by Pablo Sender

That reminds me the Mormons, etc. If we are going to search in the 
bibliography for everything we say, then it is an endless task. This is 
an e-group, not an article. The student has to be responsible and try 
to share his understanding properly. And his co-students should have 
certain knowledge of the subject, or research by themselves. They might 
ask after not having found the quotation. In HPB's Esoteric Section 
something similar was recommended in order develop the intuition.
But now the quotation was provided. What will you say? 
I think you reaction is a bit exaggerated, isn't it?

--- In, "christinaleestemaker" 
<christinaleestemaker@...> wrote:
> Dear All
> It makes me furious  if I see that persons(personalities or 
> referent to material never published by the one which has been
> past.And the more worse has been used his or her work in not exactly
> same way he/she put  it.
> He or she cannot defend his or her statements .
> And most of people believe that, it has been written through what
> others pretend to know.
> If we posture speeches of talks from HPB I shudder the exact reference
> to what she has written, otherwise it is BLA BLA of one want to be in
> touch with nonsense, or the worse want to show him like a teacher.
> Christina

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