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Re: Theos-World Kundalini and Buddhi (balancing endocrine and nervous system )

Aug 02, 2007 03:36 PM
by Pablo Sender


Pablo: However, alcohol, strong emotions, etc., do damage them; those 
things "crystallize" the pineal gland, according to HPB.

Christina: Pablo why you write such nonsense in the name of HPB?

Pablo: Do you want me to do all the work? You should investigate the 
subject, if interested . . . 
On the other hand, I wonder why are you reacting to that statement, 
as to call it "such nonsense in the name of HPB". Is it a nonsense? 
Some people react to it because they want to justify the use of 
alcohol. I don't know if that is your case.
Anyway, here is a quotation (there are more, you can find them):

"When molecular action is set up in the Pituitary Body these flashes 
are seen, and further action gives psychic vision, as similar motion 
in the Pineal Gland gives Spiritual Clairvoyance. Drunkenness and 
fever cause disorderly motion in the Pituitary Body, and so produce 
illusions of sight, visions, hallucinations. This body is sometimes 
so affected by drunkenness that it is paralyzed, and the strict 
forbiddance of alcoholic liquids to all students of Occultism turns 
on this effect which alcohol produces on the Pituitary Body and 
Pineal Gland." CW XII, p. 698

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