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Re: Theos-World Kundalini and Buddhi (balancing endocrine and nervous system )

Aug 02, 2007 01:35 AM
by christinaleestemaker

As I understand it, HPB said that you cannot
> > really go from 
> > the lower energies to the highest, because the means to
> > awaken the 
> > lower will damage the pineal gland, the organ of
> > spiritual 
> > perception, and could even severe the connection between
> > higher self 
> > and the personality, for that incarnation.   ( Pablo wrote)
About the pineal gland I want to say something
After an incarnation it is working, but I few time it normally it goes
into sleep, outof work but not damaged.
If children should become educated into a way of balancing both
hemispheres of the brains, then automatically pineal and pituitary
should work together with the brains.
Seeing that all education has been based on the half brainfunction and
not on both equilazisng all have had partiality in developements.
All schools should have good yoga exercises in stead of gymnastics and
near study also drawing and painting.At first it should make sudy more
pleasant and second it will  give balance in everything.
>Sorry I want to put some light over this endocrine system, but my
laptop do sometimes strange and sent mail before I touch to reply,
sorry for that mistake before this  hehheh  right mail


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