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Re: Theos-World Kundalini and Buddhi

Aug 01, 2007 10:45 PM
by Henry B. Ellak**

HI Pablo, I edited your below  post to highlight what I
learned from  you.  What you said agrees with me. 
Thank You,

By the way, who is your Raja Yoga Teacher? I assume you
have one. 
Raja Yoga is the path of the mind, isn't it.  
Henry B.Ellak 

--- Pablo Sender  wrote: 
> There are seven universal forces or shaktis, of which
> kundalini 
> is one of them. 

 In hatha yogic and tantric
> literature 
> they say the awakening of kundalini is the highest goal.
> But it is 
> not the belief in Occultism or Raja Yoga.

> According to HPB there are seven tattvas related to seven
> kinds of 
> forces and centres in the body. She says that the hatha
> yogi works on 
> the four lower, trying to go up to the higher, while the
> Raja Yogi 
> does the opposite: first work on the higher and then goes
> to the 
> lower. As I understand it, HPB said that you cannot
> really go from 
> the lower energies to the highest, because the means to
> awaken the 
> lower will damage the pineal gland, the organ of
> spiritual 
> perception, and could even severe the connection between
> higher self 
> and the personality, for that incarnation.

> But beyond all that, there is a question of common sense,
> to me: 
> evolution of soul is meant for its spiritual awakening,
> which 
> involves a growing wisdom, a sense of non-separateness, a
> widening 
> and deepening of perception and discrimination between
> the real and 
> the unreal, and so on.

 Then, what has sexual or breathing
> exercises 
> to do with the spiritual awakening? 

Why didn't the Buddha, the Christ, Shankaracharya,
> etc.,  
> teach those relatively easy techniques, instead of
> their time 
> teaching all that stuff of morality and meditation?
> It is said that once the Raja Yogi has reached certain
> spiritual 
> development, he will awakened kundalini through
> meditation
> I hope it may help.

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