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Theos-World Re: Kundalini and Buddhi

Aug 01, 2007 05:36 AM
by christinaleestemaker

-Hallo Cass,
Thanks for your attention.
Yes since I have a laptop
I am sitting to work in my garden
don't laugh, under the grapes
they are still growing blue now
It is late in the year for it has raining a lot here
Like the moessons in the very far East.

So I can enjoy outside prana and don't need to sit in the house.
That is why I have more time to follow and where I can help I will do
I know you also do
You showed Us a lot of nice things.
Especially the  Joke of the Perrot of Christmas
I never forget that
See you 

-- In, Cass Silva <silva_cass@...> wrote:
> Hello Christina,
>   Long time since we last talked, hope you are keeping well.  Thanks
for clearing up this matter
>   Warm regards
>   Cass
> christinaleestemaker <christinaleestemaker@...> wrote:
>           -Hi Cass,
> I put it on this place for showing there are a lot of researched
> posibilities.
> But I think that way of trance, which I have seen by myself with other
> people is not a permanent kundalini awakening.
> That persons have same like with drugs.
> Also hallucinations are of lower consciousness.
> But the research of Saraswati gives some ways of people from China and
> Africa which reached the state of universal phenomenon(kundalini) in
> which they saw all over and within others minds and also could walk
> through fire, without they burned their legs.
> Whatever it is, I think not directly a negative way.
> We all know if we push for long time our legs to our behind, we also
> can wake a certain energy.
> Same with clairvoyance but they are of temperory kind
> It is not so easy , but more and more we can measure.
> I think the buddhic state works through the pineal gland and visa
> versa through our nervous system.
> The more we purify the body, mind and spirit, the more higher levels
> are to be reached in which we develope the pineal gland.
> And all have to do with harmony, equilibrium or balancing the whole
> system.
> Christina
> -- In, Cass Silva <silva_cass@> wrote:
> >
> > Hello Christina,
> > I am no expert but trance states are not necessarily buddhic in
> nature. Trance states I imagine spring from the sub-conscious which
> is part of the conscious apparatus and as such can never be verified.
> What I find interesting is that psychophrenics are always visited
> by negative and not positive forces.
> > 
> > Warm regards
> > Cass
> > 
> > christinaleestemaker <christinaleestemaker@> wrote:
> > In Nothh West Botswana, Africa , the I Kung people of the
> Kalahari
> > desert dance for many hours to heat up n/um so that !kia state can be
> > obtained. This state of transcendence resembles that in many yogic
> > texts on kundalini in which states of consciousness beyond the
> > ordinary and participation in eternity are discribed.
> > Judith Cooper writes about the !Kung.
> > I think there are individual and different ways in experiencing 
> > Kundalini.The results of it are not lying and you are right that it is
> > a starting buddhic level a beginning in seeing all and healing all,
> > from the intuitive level Buddhi.
> > Christina
> > 
> > --- In, "Pablo Sender" <pasender@> wrote:
> > >
> > > But this is exactly what I feel will happen with that statement of 
> > > HPB (kundalini = active Buddhi) if we don't have a solid
> > > answer for it. Anybody may say "I'm working to awaken Buddhi".
> > > I don't think the Spiritual Insight and Wisdom (Buddhi) may be 
> > > awakened by whatever exercise of breathing or sex. There is no
> > > effect relationship in that. What has Wisdom to do with those 
> > > exercises? 
> > > Because of that I wouldn't even say there are different levels of 
> > > Kundalini (besides the fact that I never read it) because
someone may 
> > > say: "Yes, these exercises are to awaken Kundalini in the 
> > > Paramahakosmic level" (you know how the New Agers are).
> > > I think we have several hints in the theosophical literature to
> > > as an answer what I wrote in a previous message: Kudalini is only a 
> > > lower aspect of Fohat, its awakening has to do with the psychic
> > > (not the spiritual), you can awaken it by the known exercises,
but it 
> > > won't activate Buddhi. According to Occultism, we cannot awaken the 
> > > higher through the lower (is everybody aware of that teaching? I
> > > give HPB's references, when she talks about the Tattvas). But, 
> > > awakening Buddhi, the person will be able to awaken Kundalini, 
> > > although the Occultist method is through meditation, and not
> > > breathing or sex exercises.
> > > p
> > >
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > 
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