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Re: Theos-World Blind mindsets?

Jul 31, 2007 09:31 PM
by Cass Silva

Can't argue with any of your conclusions Henry

"Henry B. Ellak**" <> wrote:
--- wrote:

> When Blavatsky lived there was not any tangible
> exposure in the west to Pranayama techniques or Hatha
> Yoga. What she originated was then and still is now taken
> as the final word of God incarnate as originated by the
> Mahatma's through her..

Hi all, 
I understood that it was written somewhere by HPB that
during the last 25 years of every century, the Mahatma's 
give out more data.

HPB was for last 25 years of 1800's, but that in last 25
years of the 1900's more would be released.

I do not believe that HPB believed that her work was the
final word.

I do not believe that HPB believed she was God Incarnate.

I do not believe that HPB believed that the Mahatma's 
were God Incarnate.

In fact, what did HPB say about "God". I do not believe or
see in her writings that she actually believed in God as
the masses of Christians do.

I am sure, that in her mind and in her writings, "God" was
not the highest. I believe she put Atman at the top.

Did HPB believe in God? I do not think so. At least not
by that name. Henry B. Ellak

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