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Re: Theos-World Blind mindsets?

Jul 31, 2007 07:59 PM
by Augoeides-222

   Hi, nice to meet you, thanks for you comments. As it was my post that your reference I think i can reply and clarify. I meant in using :

>>What she originated was then and still is now taken
> as the final word of God incarnate  << 

 to express a figure of speech in a laconic slightly sarcastic sense only. I had no intention to communicate any idea that she in any shape, manner or form possessed idea's of Deity as to herself or the Mahatma's. The Mahatma's spoke of an Absolute Principle but repudiated any and all concepts of personal deity as did Madame Blavatsky. i personally hold the tenet that the "dispensation" (for want of a better succinct expression) she was enabled to lay before the world via the Mahatma's was as she states incomplete and relies upon the efforts of individuals to continue to assemble the additive parts as they may and as provided in future originations. Hatha Yoga is taught now in the 21st Century in literally thousands of Centers all over the world and has been since Vasant Rele' and a Yogi came to America and instructed for the first time to the western world. The idea that people will go mad, turn into maniacs, become severely disabled wholesale is simply FALSE! There is no basis to
 maintain such a view based upon real actual direct experience of tens upon tens of thousands of practitioners world wide! It is plain Hooey! In Mahayana, Zen, Hindu Ashrams under direct supervision and careful observation of Guru safe proper gradients of advancement are maintained and have been for centuries, this is a matter of known public record in todays world compared to the time of H.P.B. I myself have witnessed and observed Mahayana Tripitaka Master of Host Robe Grade (The 33 partitioned Robe) supervising a Monk who had advanced to the stage of pranic transformation of the breaths with physical somatics seen. I do not advocate individual practice of advanced techniques without a High Guru to supervise, this is in accord with every Teaching.
   Theosophy has a strain of views in certain aspects that suppress, inhibit, and wildly exaggerate to create fear and prevent acquisition of knowledge thereby maintaining a certain control over others that has no basis in my personal opinion. Ignorance is abhorred in Patanjali and every other Teaching. One cannot see the Moon while there is dust upon the mirror. Blavatsky never said to anyone that people should be maintained inain anadvancing stastasis stagnation fixated unchanging composition of the economy of the Being so that we end up just like the comcommoneryday religionists who are maintained by the bishops like fish in a pond. She rather always admonished everyone andand atl times to "TRY" not capitulate. Somewhere the mismisconceptionept in that one should blindfold themselves to all but what some treat as a Theosophical Dogma they canonize towards other and forever make claims on what they never cared to know. There is a Theosophist that even wrote a Book on the Breaths 
and Breathing Techniques! She dedicated the book to:
Rama Prasad, M. A., F. T. S. and with this statement:
"When all the motions of the body have become perfectly rythmical the body has, as it were, become a gigantic battery of will."
"The body: "A means to an end; an instrument intended for the cilculture the soul"
Raja Yoga
Her name was EllEllaelia Fletcher and her book is :
"The Law of the Rhythmic Breath" 1908, she was a Theosophist.

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> When Blavatsky lived there was not any tangible
> exposure in the west to Pranayama techniques or Hatha
> Yoga. What she originated was then and still is now taken
> as the final word of God incarnate as originated by the
> Mahatma's through her..

Hi all, 
I understood that it was written somewhere by HPB that
during the last 25 years of every century, the Mahatma's 
give out more data.

HPB was for last 25 years of 1800's, but that in last 25
years of the 1900's more would be released.

I do not believe that HPB believed that her work was the
final word.

I do not believe that HPB believed she was God Incarnate.

I do not believe that HPB believed that the Mahatma's 
were God Incarnate.

In fact, what did HPB say about "God". I do not believe or
see in her writings that she actually believed in God as
the masses of Christians do.

I am sure, that in her mind and in her writings, "God" was
not the highest. I believe she put Atman at the top.

Did HPB believe in God? I do not think so. At least not
by that name. Henry B. Ellak

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