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Re: Theos-World Kundalini and Buddhi

Jul 31, 2007 04:14 PM
by Pablo Sender

Hi Henry

I'm not a specialist in this subject. I'll share my understanding on 
it. There are seven universal forces or shaktis, of which kundalini 
is one of them. It can be awakened stimulating the root chakra 
through sexual practices, performing breathing exercises in certain 
asanas or through meditation. In hatha yogic and tantric literature 
they say the awakening of kundalini is the highest goal. But it is 
not belief in Occultism or Raja Yoga.
According to HPB there are seven tattvas related to seven kinds of 
forces and centres in the body. She says that the hatha yogi works on 
the four lower, trying to go up to the higher, while the Raja Yogi 
does the opposite: first work on the higher and then goes to the 
lower. As I understand it, HPB said that you cannot really go from 
the lower energies to the highest, because the means to awaken the 
lower will damage the pineal gland, the organ of spiritual 
perception, and could even severe the connection between higher self 
and the personality, for that incarnation.
But beyond all that, there is a question of common sense, to me: 
evolution of soul is meant for its spiritual awakening, which 
involves a growing wisdom, a sense of non-separateness, a widening 
and deepening of perception and discrimination between the real and 
the unreal, and so on. Then, what has sexual or breathing exercises 
to do with the spiritual awakening? To me, it would be a universal 
joke if after all, the soul could be liberated in such an artificial 
way. Why didn't the Buddha, the Christ, Shankaracharya, etc., etc. 
teach those relatively easy techniques, instead of losing their time 
teaching all that stuff of morality and meditation?
It is said that once the Raja Yogi has reached certain spiritual 
development, he will awakened kundalini through meditation
I hope it may help.

--- In, "Henry B. Ellak**" 
<henrybellak@...> wrote:
> Hi Pablo Sender, 
>  I find it interesting that you wrote that Kundalini is
> only a lower aspect of Fohat and its awakening has to do
> with the psychic level, not the spiritual.
> Could you explain this a little more, is somewhat simple
> terms.   I had thought Kundalini was the highest but I am
> beginning to feel that it is not.
> I am on a Kundalini list and there is a discussion of
> Tantric sex as used to raise Kundalini.   Can Tantric sex 
> really be used to raise  Kundalini  to the highest
> consciousness. [Tantric sex with  breathing exercises used
> to raise the Kundalini to reach enlightment---is this valid
> and true.]?
> I had asked the list, is sex being used to sell a spiritual
> path or a spiritual teaching?
> Is sex, even tantric sex, a path to enlightenment?
> Henry B.Ellak 
> > Pablo Sender <pasender@...> wrote:
> >        
> Kudalini
> > is only a 
> > lower aspect of Fohat, its awakening has to do with the
> > psychic level 
> > (not the spiritual), you can awaken it by the known
> > exercises, but it 
> > won't activate Buddhi. According to Occultism, we cannot
> > awaken the 
> > higher through the lower (is everybody aware of that
> > teaching? I can 
> > give HPB's references, when she talks about the Tattvas).
> > But, 
> > awakening Buddhi, the person will be able to awaken
> > Kundalini, 
> > although the Occultist method is through meditation, and
> > not through 
> > breathing or sex exercises.
> > p
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