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Kundalini and Buddhi

Jul 31, 2007 03:22 PM
by Duane Carpenter

  Dear Theos-talk
  I would like to express a few more insights into this fascinating subject of Kundalini.
  The abstract and unknown expresses itself we are taught in Theosophy by creating a material pole which is the opposite and antitheses of itself. This opposite pole is called the divine feminine or Shaki principal. Shiva  we are taught in Theosophy is the positive pole . All evolution is the result of  this original separation or outbreath that is now undergoing a great return.. All growth or development for individuals is the result of this reuniting or reunification of the positive and negative of universal forces within themselves 
  . We may say that this Shakti - Kundalini pole is a negitive state of exsperience.but this may be a value judgement based on a bad exsperience or an incomplete understnding of its nature and purpose. As this Kundalini which is activated in different degrees and potencies during all mans  initiations of return we now see that Kundalini is positive. In reality Kundalini is neither good or bad. It is just the  creative forces of God or the universe working out its great Plan. All negativity associated with Kundalini is the result of our improper reaction to a force we do not understand and have not been trained to  control. All the forces of the universe are electrical in nature hence Fohat is expressed on all levels from the highest to the lowest . All electricity has a  positive and a negative pole .Look at the simple electricity that flows through a metal wire and you will see on the lowest and most mundane level this truth in action. In basic electrical understanding we
 do not say this charge here which is positive is good and that this electrical charge there which is negative is bad. Both are equal in value in how the whole system operates and works. Good and bad are only value judgments that may have helped us at an early stage of our development.. We must not get to attached to them however . Without this polarity of positive and negative energy that exists within everything nothing can grow or be stimulated to go beyond itself. 
  When Kundalini is expressed or stimulated through the sexual center it is not so much that it is  evil as it is simply limited. When Kundalini is felt through the emotional center it is a richer and a more vibrant experience. When Kundalini  is felt through the throat center it activates Divine Manas bringing man into arcytypal knowledge. Eventually the next higher degree of Kundalini is stimulated by the awakening of the Heart as  HPB has intimated by her statement that Buddhi can activate Kundalini. It is always the same Kundalini force only on a higher turn of the spiral and more fully understood. Ultimately in high initiates Kundalini returns to its Abode in Shiva or the thousand petal crown chakra from which it first originated. Here the high initiate sees the highest truth that Shiva and Shakti are one and the same and there is no difference between Kundalini and the highest head center when this evolutionary process is complete. There are 7 levels of Kundalini
 associated with the 7 initiations man must undergo and complete to achive this high place of understnding. There are as many different types of kundalini experience within these seven initiations as there are people on the spiritual path and who are now undergoing  initiation.
   I realize this is a rather simple explanation of this great Kundalini power but taken with some of my more technical email to theos-talk  may be of some help to those who are having difficulty with this abstruse subject.
  Blessings D-

christinaleestemaker <> wrote: 
          Hi Henry,

As you have seen all levels from material to the highest spirit
You can know that the highest grade or level a human being can reach
is the Atma-Buddi-Manas one, the perfect human being.

There is awriting that says till here and not farther.

I think behind this state we are out of the material and have not
anymore bodies.

Possibly after we exist in etheric states and also subetheric,

Kundalini is only the evolution helping to higher dimensions and wht
after essentially we cannot know.

-- In, "Henry B. Ellak**" <henrybellak@...>
> Hi everybody, 
> Could I have just a simple answer on this question, to
> guide me, I guess.
> Is Kundalini the highest reality or are there realities
> even higher than Kundalini or higher than what Kundalini
> can do to a person?
> Some say that Kundalini is the highest force or reality in
> all the universes. Is this true?
> Just a simple answer will do, I think. 
> Henry B. Ellak
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