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Re: Theos-World Blind mindsets?

Jul 31, 2007 01:46 PM
by christinaleestemaker

-Hi henry

I totally agree with you.
HPB did not believe in a god as Christians or catholics do.
She said  :  I don't believe  I KNOW.

She knew the planes
she knew the rounds
she knew the rootraces
she knew the mahatma's,mahachohans and Manu and so on.

Atmic state is the highest a human can reach and she knew that
also the states above that.

Because the consciousness after Atmic state goes on in the same way to
other planes.
All are circling or spinning into the ultra atom= prototype        
and from there again and angain new spinning starts from a zeropoint
to( the ultra atom)the next prototype.

For example Leon Maurer gives good vision with his ABC techniques


-- In, "Henry B. Ellak**" <henrybellak@...>
> --- Augoeides-222@... wrote:
> >   When Blavatsky lived there was not any tangible
> > exposure in the west to Pranayama techniques or Hatha
> > Yoga. What she originated was then and still is now taken
> > as the final word of God incarnate as originated by the
> > Mahatma's through her..
> Hi all, 
> I understood that it was written somewhere by HPB that
> during  the last 25 years of every century, the Mahatma's 
> give out more data.
> HPB was for last 25 years of 1800's, but that in last 25
> years of the 1900's more would be released.
> I do not believe that HPB believed that her work was the
> final word.
> I do not believe that HPB believed she was God Incarnate.
> I do not believe that HPB believed that the  Mahatma's 
> were God Incarnate.
> In fact, what did HPB say about "God".  I do not believe or
> see in her writings that she actually believed in God as
> the masses of Christians do.
> I am sure, that in her mind and in her  writings, "God" was
> not the highest.  I believe she put Atman at the top.
> Did HPB believe in God?  I do not think so.  At least not
> by that name.  Henry B. Ellak
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