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Re: Theos-World Kundalini and Buddhi

Jul 31, 2007 12:35 PM
by Henry B. Ellak**

Hi Pablo Sender, 
 I find it interesting that you wrote that Kundalini is
only a lower aspect of Fohat and its awakening has to do
with the psychic level, not the spiritual.

Could you explain this a little more, is somewhat simple
terms.   I had thought Kundalini was the highest but I am
beginning to feel that it is not.

I am on a Kundalini list and there is a discussion of
Tantric sex as used to raise Kundalini.   Can Tantric sex 
really be used to raise  Kundalini  to the highest
consciousness. [Tantric sex with  breathing exercises used
to raise the Kundalini to reach enlightment---is this valid
and true.]?

I had asked the list, is sex being used to sell a spiritual
path or a spiritual teaching?

Is sex, even tantric sex, a path to enlightenment?
Henry B.Ellak 

> Pablo Sender <> wrote:
> is only a 
> lower aspect of Fohat, its awakening has to do with the
> psychic level 
> (not the spiritual), you can awaken it by the known
> exercises, but it 
> won't activate Buddhi. According to Occultism, we cannot
> awaken the 
> higher through the lower (is everybody aware of that
> teaching? I can 
> give HPB's references, when she talks about the Tattvas).
> But, 
> awakening Buddhi, the person will be able to awaken
> Kundalini, 
> although the Occultist method is through meditation, and
> not through 
> breathing or sex exercises.
> p

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