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Re: Theos-World Blind mindsets?

Jul 30, 2007 05:24 PM
by Cass Silva

Hello John
  Thankyou for your references.  I am too long in the tooth and too much of a lazy student to begin a new study.  Many years ago I read Ramacharaka's little book on Hatha Yoga which dealt mainly with the physical aspects of the study.  I think the questions you pose are valuable whether in a state of meditation or not.  Though I tend to believe that meditation can also mean concentrating on one particular question.  I short circuit the method by asking the questions and wait until I get an answer from my sub-conscious.  Sometimes it comes, sometimes it doesn't.
  I spent 20 years studying, and almost feel now that I am studied out.  I use the time left to me to digest and attempt to assimilate everything I have learnt.  In other words, the library is full!  lol.
  What I truly enjoy about Theos Talk is that there are those who can explain to me certain stumbling blocks which I wasn't able to leap frog myself.  I have learnt that once you put the question out, the answer inevitable returns, be it instantly or 20 years later.
  Warm regards
  Cass wrote:
Yep a case of "fixated Idea's." The Fixated Idea serves a a "Stable Datum" ( an unchanging principle that moderates behavior) and it should be one of the items that an individual looks for in the self analysis otherwise they block any real progress which satisfies the strong dictated demand of the conditioned mind for no change of the environment of the person.
When Blavatsky lived there was not any tangible exposure in the west to Pranayama techniques or Hatha Yoga. What she originated was then and still is now taken as the final word of God incarnate as originated by the Mahatma's through her.
It wasn't until a man named Vasant G. Rele first brought the teaching to the west that any real idea was actually communicated. I previously many times have referred him to this Forum in years past so people can realize with some rational knowledge what it is about. He was a Doctor and was in India at the Kings College Hospital and he was an accomplished Yogi who was well established in the practice of what he taught not just an author who wrote of something without direct knowledge.
One of his books is cogent to a current thread "The Mysterious Kundalini" by Vasant G. Rele F. C. P. S. , L. M. & S. -- Foreword by Sir John Woodroffe, Kt. 1927.
The Sub-Title is " The Physical Basis of The "Kundalini (Hatha) Yoga In Terms Of Western Anatomy And Physiology." Rele research and understood the physiological impacts of his teaching. He was the first to bring this teaching to the west in this analytical physiological form.

His other works:

" Yogic Asanas for Health and Vigor", 1958 in this work are many photographs of Vasant G. Rele performing advanced Asanas and also instructions about the purposes of it.

"The Bhagavad-Gita An Expostition" Vasant G. Rele Foreword by N. D Mehta B.A. & C. V. Vaidya M.A. LL.B., 1928 
Sub-Title: On the basis of Psycho-Philosophy & Psycho-Analysis.
This work was acclaimed all over India at large by the Ashrams and Yoga as giving previously untold insights contained in the Bhagavad Gita which no one had instructed upon before.

Dec. 25th 1932
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For lovers of you nude indeed are few;
Yea, if your list of friends you would recruit,
Go clothe yourself, the worlds afraid of you.
Pierre A. Bernard

"The Vedic Gods - As Figures of Biology" V. G. Rele L. M & S., F.C.P.S. Foreword by Y. G. Nadgir M. S. Professor of Anatomy, Great Medical College & Fellow of the University of Bombay.
Dr. Rele has in this book given instruction on the Asura and Asvin that were just recently mentioned on the forum by certain members here but he relates what is the biological and physsiological basis of the ancient personifications.

Other works cogent to threads here presently:
"Spanda Karikas" (The Divine Creative Pulsation) Author Jaideva Singh 1980 who in it writes of the Kashmir Saivism. In the front of the book is a Blessing from Swami Muktiananda who once gave me Shaktipat. This work is revenent to threads that were recently about the Breaths of Creation, the divine In-breathing and Out-breathings of the Manvantaric Cycles on the Macro Scale.
Spanda: Movement or motion occurs only in a spatio-temporal framework. The supreme transcends all notions of space and time. Spanda, therefore in the case of the Supreme is neither physical motion, nor psychological activity like pain or pleasure, nor pranic activity like hunger or thirst. It is the throb of the ecstacy of the Divine I-consciousness (vimarsa). It is the Divine creative pulsation. It is the throb of Siva's svatantrya or absolute Freedom. xvii.
The Infinite Perfect Divine Consciousness always has vimarsa or Self-awareness. This Self-awarenessis a subtle activity which is spiritual dynamism, not any physical, psychological or pranic activity. 
My view is Theosophists would do well to familiarize themselves with teaching that expand upon the kernals that Blavatsky and the Mahatma's set forth. By doing expansion of mind and consciousness is possible and endless pointless debates energy can be transformed into new levels.

Another work:
"Sar Bachan - The Yoga of the Sound Current" an abstract of the Teachings of Huzar Swama Ji Maharaj, the Founder of the Radha Swami system of Philosophy and Spiritual Science" 
This concerns the Shabd, The Divine Word as Sound Current, other terms that Theosophists may benefit by looking into.

Another work:
"The Primal Power in Man -- Or-- The Kundalini Shakti" by Swami Narayananda, 1950.

Taken all together they can be relatable toi the microcosm and macrocosm as a unity. once i was told:
"Seek not of I seek rather the energy of your own Being and --------------------------
the Space that is about you" 
Where are we?
Who are we?
Why are we?
What are we?
Are we in it or it in us or both? What is space? 
Why is the "White Clothe folded on the Buddha's Left arm?
Why is the Buddha made Golden?
Why is the Buddha Womb of Creation? (Garbha)
Where originates Good and Evil, Right and Wrong?
Just a personal view, my 2 cents worth,

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From: Cass Silva <> 

Hello Nigel
I agree. Perhaps it is a backwash of christian idealogy. One must never question.

Warm regards

nhcareyta <> wrote:
Dear Cass and all

Yes, it is simply extraordinary that despite overwhelming, objective 
and conclusive evidence, some mindsets just refuse to acknowledge the 
utterly obvious and demonstrably proven. 

What a sad state of affairs for putative "theosophical" inquiry. 

To disagree with valid rationale is one thing, to deny or even refuse 
to respond because it is not part of their personal desires or blind 
dogma is quite another.

It seems they do not support the Mahatma's plea for us to have the 
courage to fill up our worn grooves.


Perhaps the only value in what you call "a meaningless drain" is that 
others who may not be as well informed can clearly see which position 
has credibility and which does not. 

In this we can only live in hope.

Kind regards again

--- In, Cass Silva <silva_cass@...> wrote:
> An no one changes their position. So its a meaningless drain on 
our mental resources.
> Cass
> Drpsionic@... wrote:
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> There is a distinct echoe occuring on this forum lol.
> John
> I spent some time the last couple of days reading the archives and 
it seems 
> that there is serious case of brokenrecordism going around.
> Over and over and over again!
> Chuck the Heretic
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