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Re: Theos-World Kundalini and Buddhi

Jul 30, 2007 04:08 PM
by Cass Silva

I agree with you Pablo.  I think it very risky to awaken Kundalini unless we are morally sound.  If one awakens Kundalini when we are not in control of our emotions, thoughts or actions, Kundalini will take the downward spiral which can result in sexual perversion and or insanity.  With these risks involved I chose not to awaken this power through meditation or any other method.   When I achieve control over my ego, Kundalini will rise as a natural course of events. Nirvana will have to wait! 
  Warm regards

Pablo Sender <> wrote:
          But this is exactly what I feel will happen with that statement of 
HPB (kundalini = active Buddhi) if we don't have a solid theosophical 
answer for it. Anybody may say "I'm working to awaken Buddhi".
I don't think the Spiritual Insight and Wisdom (Buddhi) may be 
awakened by whatever exercise of breathing or sex. There is no cause-
effect relationship in that. What has Wisdom to do with those 
Because of that I wouldn't even say there are different levels of 
Kundalini (besides the fact that I never read it) because someone may 
say: "Yes, these exercises are to awaken Kundalini in the 
Paramahakosmic level" (you know how the New Agers are).
I think we have several hints in the theosophical literature to offer 
as an answer what I wrote in a previous message: Kudalini is only a 
lower aspect of Fohat, its awakening has to do with the psychic level 
(not the spiritual), you can awaken it by the known exercises, but it 
won't activate Buddhi. According to Occultism, we cannot awaken the 
higher through the lower (is everybody aware of that teaching? I can 
give HPB's references, when she talks about the Tattvas). But, 
awakening Buddhi, the person will be able to awaken Kundalini, 
although the Occultist method is through meditation, and not through 
breathing or sex exercises.


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