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Swami S .Saraswati

Jul 30, 2007 05:18 AM
by christinaleestemaker

Dear Mkr

First at all if we read Leadbeater's book the Chakra's
we that  Ida(feminie) and pingala(masculine) works in man
different than in woman.
Man goes Ida left and woman right.
Pingala in man right and woman left from the spine through sushumna.

Now is the time to experience the holon in balance, the octahedron
with the ecstazy in the physical heart.
Who is interested can see the meditation for thet from Tom Keyon on
his website

Than who is swami Satayananda Saraswati:
He was born in 1923 in a small town Almora in the foothills of the
He had his first spiritual experience at the age of six.
At 19 he goes from home to search his spiritual master and found him
in Rishikesh. swami Sivananda. He plnged himself into karma yoga for
12 years and to such an extent that swami Sivananda said he did the
work for four people.
Although he had a very keen intelect and his guru had discribed him as
a "versatile genius" his learning come not from instructions or study
in the ahram.

He followed his guru with faith on command-"Work hard and you will be
purified.You don't have to bring the light, the ligh will unfold from
within you".
And this is what happened.
He gained an enlightened understanding of the secrets of spiritual
life and has since become a great authority on hatha yoga, tantra and
After spending 12 years with his guru he took to parivrajaka life and
wandered extensively for 8 years travelling throughout India, to
Afghanistan,Burma,Nepal and ceylon.During this period he met many
great saints and yogi's and he spent time in seclusion, formulating
and perfecting the yogic techniques that could alleviate the
sufferings of humanity.
In 1963 his mission became apparent and he founded the International
Yoga Fellowship Movement.
And because his mission had been realized while he was staying in
Munger, he sattled there by the Ganga and founded the Bihar School of
Yoga in order to help more people towards the spiritual path.
Before long students were coming from all over India and abroad and
soon Swami Satyananda's teachings were rapidly spreading throughout
the world.
In 1968 he went on an extensive world tour popularizing he ancient
yogic practises among the people of all castes, creeds , religions and
Since then  swami Satyananda Saraswati has become a leading exponent
on yoga and tantra, guiding millions of spiitual seekers ans inspiring 
many ashrams and centers throughout the world.For he last 12 years he
has been dividing his time between foreign tours, Indian tours and
residence at Munger.

from his book Kundalini Tantra (1984)
Hope you are satified now and if you like to know more you can mail me.

-- In, "M K Ramadoss" <mkr777@...> wrote:
> who is this swami?
> mkr
> On 7/29/07, christinaleestemaker <christinaleestemaker@...> wrote:
> >
> >   Path of yogis not bhogis:
> >
> > In tantra the practise of maithuna is said to be the easiest way
> > to awaken sushumna, because it involves an act which most
> > are already accustomed to .
> > But, frankly speaking, very few are prepared for this path.
> >
> > Ordinary sexual interaction is not maithuna.
> > The physical act may be the same, but the background
> > is totally different.
> > In the relationship between husband and wife, for example,
> > there is dependency and ownership, but in tantra each partner is
> > independent,one unto him(her)self.
> > Another difficult thing in tantra sadhana is cultivating the attitude
> > of passionessness.
> > The man has to become brâhmacharya in order to free the mind and
> > emotions of sexual thoughts and passion which normally arise in the
> > presence of a woman.
> > Both partners must be absolutely purified and controlled internally
> > and externally before they practise maithuna.
> > This is hard for the ordinary person to comprohend, because for most
> > people sexual interaction is the result of passion and physical and
> > emotional attraction, either for progeny or pleasure.
> >
> > It is only if you are purified that these instinctive urges are
> > This is why according to trdition, the path of dakshina marga must be
> > followed for ma.ny years before the path of vama marga can be entered.
> > Then the interaction of maithuna does not take place for physical
> > gratification.
> > The purpose is very clear awakening of sushumna, raising the kundalini
> > energy from mooladhara chakra and exploding the unconscious areas of
> > the brain.
> > If this is not clear when you practise the kriyas and sushumna becomes
> > active, you will not be able to face the awakening.
> > Your head will get hot and you will not be able to control the passion
> > and excitement, because you have not tranquilized your brain.
> > Therefore in my opinion, only those who are adepts in yoga quality for
> > vama marga. This path is not to used indiscriminately as a pretext for
> > selfindulgence.
> > It is meant for mature and serious minded householder sadhaka, who are
> > evolved, who have been pratising sadhana to awaken the energy
> > potential and to attain samadhi.They must utulize this path as a
> > vehicle of awakening, otherwise it becomes a path of downfall
> >
> > Swami Satyananda Saraswati
> >
> > 
> >
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