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Re: on my webpage The Science of Consciousness

Jul 30, 2007 00:00 AM
by leonmaurer


Apparently, these relationships are not coincidental... Since the knowledge 
of cosmogenesis as fields within fields within fields, or as the Hindu Vedas 
say, "Wheels within wheels within wheels," and the Pythagoreans say, "The 
harmony of the spheres" and "The universe geometrizes"  -- has been known since the 
dawn of Mankind, and has been explained thoroughly by all the great masters of 
wisdom since Hermes Trismagistus wrote down the Teachings of the Greek God 
(First avatar/son teacher) Hermes, around the time of Moses... Who also knew the 
same teachings of the identical Egyptian God Thoth -- which he gave to the 
Hebrews as their "Kabbala"... That later, was written down metaphorically (and 
intentionally distorted) in the Pentateuch (Talmud) -- as "Genesis". 

This teaching was also written (without any distortions or "blinds") in the 
ancient scripture said to be over 8,000 years old, called the "Book of Dzyan' 
(Cosmogenesis and Anthropogenesis) which was later translated and thoroughly 
explained by H. P. Blavatsky in her classic tome, the "Secret Doctrine - The 
Synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy" in 1888.  Her equally voluminous 
previous work, "Isis Unveiled" was a detailed study of comparative religion -- 
showing that the esoteric teachings of what she called "Theosophy" was the 
underlying truth behind all religions that essentially have the same moral and 
ethical teachings.  Their doctrinal differences were simply the distortions and 
misinterpretations of the High Priests of the various organized religion's 
ruling Hierarchy's.

It was the formulas and explanation in the Book of Dzyan [part of the ancient 
Kau-Te or Book of the Golden Precepts of esoteric Budhiism (sic) that helped 
teach Gautama the Buddha his knowledge of Cosmogenesis.  It also gave me the 
basis of my ABC theory in my search for a scientific-geometric explanation of 
how the universe began and how it actually works -- after I heard that Einstein 
may have gotten his insights leading to the theory of relativity and the 
equivalence of matter and energy (E=Mc^2) from that book (which I later verified 
for myself).  See:
See the Book of Dzyan at:

I suggest that if you study the introduction to this book there, along with 
its 7 stanzas of Cosmogenesis and 12 stanzas of Anthropogenesis (with reference 
to the commentaries in the Secret Doctrine) -- you will learn more about the 
origin of the universe and of Mankind than was written in all the ancient 
Gnostic, Hindu-Buddhist-Vedic, and Judeo-Christian Biblical scriptures, or that 
can be interpreted from any graphic symbology -- including those laid down in 
crop circles (or even my ABC diagrams).  Although it's particularly difficult to 
see the actual coadunate and coenergetic relationships between the spheres 
when the symbolic circles in the hierarchy of fields are separated... Since, all 
the electrodynamic energy flows have to have a common positive and negative 
polar basis.

See the secret Doctrine at:
(It's Introduction and Proem will tell you the entire fundamental basis and 
principles underlying all knowledge of the true source and evolution of the 
universe and Man, with a full understanding of the primal source and phenomenal 
expression of consciousness in all living forms of matter (sentient beings).  
It's an extremely difficult book to read, and shouldn't be tackled without 
first reading Blavatsky's advice on how to study it, at:

My study of these teachings, using the meditative practices enabling direct 
observation of primal beginnings, was over a period of about thirty years 
(without, luckily, having to translate all the ancient scriptures referenced:-). 

It is also possible that any understanding of the source of both 
consciousness and matter, or the facts of cosmogenesis and anthropogenesis gathered from 
ANY exoteric scriptural writing, is bound to be faulty -- due to the metaphors 
and "blinds" used in such writings to prevent the lay readers from attaining 
the higher hidden or occult knowledge of how to control the forces of nature -- 
which only the highest adepts and priests had knowledge of, and sometimes 
used it to control the minds of their congregations -- generally for benign 
purposes... But which could be used for evil purposes -- such as the Nazi rulers of 
the German Reich before and during WW2.  For one view on this, see:

As for my ABC theory's proposition that pure witness consciousness is a 
fundamental aspect of primal SPACE and is expressed at every zero-point in our 
metric spacetime... It is perfectly obvious that the intelligent angelic 
hierarchies of most religious theologies, some of whom would have to assist in the 
construction of the universe, are linked to the initial fractally involved 
coenergetic fields that carry the near infinite constructive information and 
knowledge, as holographic image patterns consisting of wave interference modulations 
on their surfaces... Since, all of such fields originate around their 
individual zero-point centers of consciousness -- when these fields first appear as the 
initial triple hierarchy of metaphysical space, is when the individualization 
of cosmic (God) consciousness begins. 

In the ABC  model, the "builders" (or "architects of the universe" as the 
Masons say) would be the lower seven conscious fields of the total 14 fields in 
the third or physical hierarchy of fractal involution at the primal beginning 
-- with each of the four worlds being analogous to the overall primal beginning 
of the chakrafield diagram you referenced below.  Thus the mystic sayings, 
"As above, so below" and "The macrocosm is the mirror of the microcosm" -- which 
is the root of the Biblical statement that "Man is created in the Image of 

Here is the 3d version of the chakrafield diagram:

If you follow the path of primal ray emanation in the chakrafield diagram 
(see the meditations at the bottom of the "How It All Began" web page at: http:// you can see 
why -- after the first all containing field -- representing the outer 
spiritual body of God, perhaps -- first there was 1 above and 1 below, which then 
becomes 3 above and 3 below, which finally becomes 7 above and 7 bellow.  This 
cycle then repeats in each descending group of triple field monads, ad 
infinitum, until material human beings evolve in the physical world (4th and lowest 
level of the initial hierarchy of 14 inner fractal fields).  Thus consciousness 
descends without any change except its direct linkages to its immediately 
adjacent fields of knowledge (mind-memory).  However, after arriving at the human 
stage, when in deep meditative concentration -- it remains capable of traveling 
backwards in time to the first manifestation of universal intelligence at the 
primal beginning. This state of absolute knowledge and bliss is called 
Samadhi in the Eastern philosophies.  It is how I was able to verify the ABC model 
as a geometric metaphor of infinite multidimensional reality  -- that cannot be 
comprehended by finite minds or self identified consciousness, when such self 
identified consciousnes is unknowingly caught up by the senses in 
experiencing only the reflections of the finite physical world its body lives in.

Hope this clears the air a bit, and maybe help resolve some of the 
differences in our respective ideas about consciousness in general.

Best regards,   

Leon Maurer

Michael Cecil wrote on 7/29/07, 1:51 PM:

>  Two Diagrams of Consciousness
> There is a relationship between the diagram describing the progression of 
> consciousness (see:
> http://www.cropcircl
> and the diagram postulated by Leon H. Maurer with regards to his 
> Astro-Biological-Coenergetic Field Theory. (see: 
> both of which, however, are related to the Seven Churches (or chakras) and 
> the Seven Seals of the Revelation of John.
> Michael (Daniel 12:1, Sura 2:98 of the Koran, Column XVII of the Scroll of 
> the War of the Sons of Light)
> Michael Cecil 


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