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Re: Humility

Jul 29, 2007 07:30 PM
by nhcareyta

Hello Nige and all
Welcome back Nige and thank you for your well-considered thoughts.

Yes, first impressions can sometimes portray theostalk as a 
separative battlefield, particularly if one arrives in the middle of 
an especially contentious issue.

We each find truths in our own way, in our own place. However this 
does not mean we are necessarily correct. Hopefully, a truly open 
mind helps us guard against the trap of believing our experiential 
truths to be the "right" ones versus others.

That said, there are accuracies of information, which are objectively 

Some of the more spirited debates in this forum have centred on 
accuracy or truth in reporting. That is, whether a writer or 
teacher's pronouncements have been accurately or truthfully 

When these writer's or teachers have demonstrably been misrepresented 
or contradicted there is an obligation to expose this for the sake of 
simple truth and further debate or dialogue.
>From my perspective, failure so to do acts co-dependently to support 
these inaccuracies and untruths.

Where words are important for some of us to make sense of life, 
honest, accurate and considered words, as best as we can discover and 
convey, are one of the first requirements towards apprehension of 
greater or deeper truths. 

Using this reasoning and motivation, exposure of falsity is not 
therefore a separative or disharmonious act. Rather it is an attempt 
to bring about a truer state of harmony and unity, which themselves 
are rooted in TRUTH.

Debate or dialogue is perhaps the preferred manner in which some of 
us can approach an understanding of the mysteries of existence and in 
fact begin alleviating suffering.

As you allude Nige, the contributors to theostalk are to be commended 
for this process and Eldon Tucker applauded for offering us this 

Kind regards


--- In, "nigel healy" <nigelhealy@...> 
> Hello to you all.
> The second time I contributed to this discussion group,
> I expressed my dissapointment in what I then considered
> (14.09.06) to be much needless debating, suggesting that
> it was further "driving the wedge of separation between us"
> with all this arguing over "true or false accounts of history".
> However, I also added;"Perhaps my initial impressions are
> misguided" and "Perhaps I will be made to eat these words!"
> Well the oven is on and the ingredients of humble pie are
> in front of me!
> For the past year I have been silently watching the discussions
> unfold on theos-talk and not only have I changed my view
> about these debates being needless, but have now come to
> a place where I consider them to be absolutely necessary.
> When I witness people putting their heart and soul into some
> of these discussions (usually in an atmosphere of mutual respect)
> sometimes revealing very personal areas of their lives - perhaps
> to illuminate an important principle; sometimes investing lots of
> their valuable time and effort, not to mention knowledge,
> experience and often wisdom - the value of these debates,
> which surround the 'Truth','Reality' and 'Honesty' contained
> within the various Theosophical teachings, seem to me to be
> not only of great importance to the members of this group
> but to the world of Theosophy at large. Indeed the potential
> outcomes of these discussions could and SHOULD have an
> effect on the members respective Theosophical organisations,
> especially in light of undeniable TRUTHS.
> This generation of Theosohical students - the current holders
> of the Ageless Wisdom - are responsible for the way in which
> Theosophy continues into the next generation. I dare say future
> generations will need this wisdom a lot more than we, in our
> relatively privileged, though ever darkening times.
> On this note I would like to take the opportunity to personally
> thank Daniel for his outstanding contribution to the
> Theosophical Movement. The work that you do is invaluable.
> There are many others but I would like to extend my gratitude
> to all the members of this brilliant discussion group for your
> on-going contribution, and apologies for my knee-jerk reaction
> last year.
> This has been a learning curve for me - a lesson in open
> mindedness, not to mention a healthy dose of Kshanti!
> It seems that if we let go of our expectations, of how we think
> things 'should be' - then we can make room for understanding
> why things are the way they are.
> This to me is very important.
> From this, perhaps more holistic perspective, we are better
> equiped to recognise how things could begin to change in a
> Truly Theosophical direction. That is, towards assisting in the
> alleviation of suffering of ALL BEINGS.
> Warm regards to you all,
> nige.
> _________________________________________________________________

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