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Re: Kundalini

Jul 29, 2007 05:48 AM
by Pablo Sender

Hi Noel

Thank you for the information. 
Regarding the polarity (masculine/feminine) of the forces HPB said 
that the seven Sons of Fohat are masculine, and their feminine 
counterparts are the seven Shaktis, of which Kundalini is one.
The source of Fohat is the Cosmic Ideation embodied in the Primordial 
Seven, the Dhyani Buddhas. The source of the Shaktis seems to be more 
related with Cosmic Matter (a condensation of Mulaprakriti).

--- In, Noel vasco <nenqueteba2000@...> 
> Here is quoted Mr. G. Arundale in his book Kundalini: an Occult 
>   "It seems that the root of the word is the verb kund, which 
signifies "to burn". This is the vital meaning, for Kundalini is Fire 
in its aspect of burning. But we have a further explanation of the 
word in the noun kunda, which means a hole or a bowl. Here we are 
given an idea of the vessel in which the Fire burns. But there is 
even more than this. There is also the noun kundala, which means a 
coil, a spiral, a ring. Here we are given an idea as to the way in 
which the Fire works, unfolds. Out of all these essential derivatives 
the word Kundalini is born, giving creative femininity to the Fire, 
Serpent-Fire as it is sometimes called, the feminine creative power 
asleep within a bowl, within a womb, awakening to rhythmic movement 
in up-rushing and downpouring streams of Fire. It is a word 
signifying the feminine aspect of the creative force of evolution, 
which force in its specialized and more individual potency lies 
asleep, curled up as in a womb, at the base of the human
>  spine. Its awakening is fraught with the utmost danger, indeed 
disaster, save as the individual concerned is in a position to keep 
it under full control. And such power to control comes only when the 
higher reaches of the evolutionary way are being approached, reaches 
still out of sight as regards the vast majority of mankind."
>   If it´s the feminine aspect, what´s the other one? And what´s the 
source of both? I think the clue is related to that answer.
>    If we understand Kundalini as a siddhi.. It does not matter 
higher or lower. It is not relevant from a "spiritual" point of view. 
If it is a Fohatic power, a diferentiation of it, "one of the Forces 
of Nature", we have "to pursue" Fohat, going to its fountain.  And if 
Fohat... is not and independent force... Vedanta says: There is only 
One Reality.
>   Best...
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