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kundalini.- by Swami S .Saraswati

Jul 29, 2007 05:01 AM
by christinaleestemaker

Path of yogis not bhogis:

In tantra the practise of maithuna is said to be the easiest way
to awaken sushumna, because it involves an act which most 
are already accustomed to .
But, frankly speaking, very few are prepared for this path.

Ordinary sexual interaction is not maithuna.
The physical act may be the same, but the background
is totally different.
In the relationship between husband and wife, for example,
there is dependency and ownership, but in tantra each partner is
independent,one unto him(her)self.
Another difficult thing in tantra sadhana is cultivating the attitude 
of passionessness.
The man has to become brâhmacharya in order to free the mind and 
emotions of sexual thoughts and passion which normally arise in the
presence of a woman.
Both partners must be absolutely purified and controlled internally
and externally before they practise maithuna.
This is hard for the ordinary person to comprohend, because for most
people sexual interaction is the result of passion and physical and
emotional attraction, either for progeny or pleasure.

It is only if you are purified that these instinctive urges are absent.
This is why according to trdition, the path of dakshina marga must be
followed for ma.ny years before the path of vama marga can be entered.
Then the interaction of maithuna does not take place for physical
The purpose is very clear awakening of sushumna, raising the kundalini
energy from mooladhara chakra and exploding the unconscious areas of
the  brain.
If this is not clear when you practise the kriyas and sushumna becomes
active, you will not be able to face the awakening.
Your head will get hot and you will not be able to control the passion
and excitement, because you have not tranquilized your brain.
Therefore in my opinion, only those who are adepts in yoga quality for
vama marga. This path is not to used indiscriminately as a pretext for
It is meant for mature and serious minded householder sadhaka, who are
evolved, who have been pratising sadhana to awaken the energy
potential and to attain samadhi.They must utulize this path as a
vehicle of awakening, otherwise it becomes a path of downfall

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

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