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Frank and Guruparampara????

Jul 28, 2007 11:19 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Frank and Guruparampara????    

Guruparampara has been defined by one writer as "an uninterrupted
succession of spiritual teachers one following another; a compound of
guru -- teacher, and parampara --one following the other."


I want to focus on a subject you brought up a week or so ago.

I give BELOW three of your quotes which I believe deal with this

----------------------------------------------------------------- would look quite idiotic to asume that the esoteric world
stopped with the passing of HPB or someone else. From that point of
view even the erratic und lunatic position of a Besant is much closer
to the truth!!!

Your position reminds me of the fundamentalist position of the ULT,
those people who obviously believe that after HPB's and/or Judge's
death the occult machines have stopped and no further advancement was
possible and no new teachings were given out.

That you quote HPB in the connection to Purucker lets me assume that
you [mean by] this that GdeP cannot be a successor of HPB, no O.H.,
no messenger of the Masters in the guruparampara, because you
interpret HPB's statement in that way, that it cannot be. If this is
your interpretation, then it's a wrong one.

Now it appears to me that your basic argument is that after H.P.B.
died (or after Judge died), there HAD to be a successor.

Otherwise you contend "the esoteric world stopped" or "the occult
machines have stopped and no further advancement was possible and no
new teachings were given out."

Well, it is true that after HPB and WQJ died, there were a number of
individuals claiming to be successors. But who was the REAL
successor? That is the question to be answered. And that's assuming
there HAD to be a successor publicly known or in the outer world.

Here is just one example of the conflicting claims. In an 1898
letter to Mrs. Katherine Tingley, Ernest Hargrove said:

======================================================= order of the Master you have ceased to be the Outer Head of
the E.S.T. in the interior and true sense....

The Outer Head to follow you has already been appointed by the

Moving on....

One might also ask: Who was the immediate predecessor to HPB?

But trying not to stray from the central issue being discussed here,
IF what you say is true, that there HAD to be a successor to HPB and
there HAD to be a successor to Judge, then following this "reasoning"
would it not be equally true that there HAD to be a successor to G.
de Purucker?

Who was or is that successor? And since it has been 65 years since
G. de Purucker died, one might assume that GdeP's successor has also
died, and that there must now be a successor to GdeP's successor!

So Frank, tell me who was GdeP's successor? Because according to
your thinking, he HAD to have a successor or else "the occult
machines have stopped and no further advancement was possible and no
new teachings were given out."

So who is that successor???? Was it Arthur L. Conger? And if not
Conger, then who? Because by your way of thinking, there HAD to be
such a successor.

I raise this point because if you can't say who is GdeP's successor
than this raises the possibility that your premise may be false or
else the supposed "Guruparampara" works differently than you think.

Again I ask: Who was HPB's immediate predecessor??

I hope you get my basic point and if I have failed to explain fully
enough I will try later to expand on this issue.



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