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Re: Theos-World Kundalini and Buddhi

Jul 27, 2007 06:39 PM
by Duane Carpenter

  Dear Pablo
  To understand the rays and how they are activated in any given energy system you must understand polarity. It is only out of the "evolving tension of opposites" any organism is stirred into greater activity and growth. We say this is higher or that is lower only for simple demonstration purposes and to help the lower mind understand abstractions that take place way beyond or outside of its simple need for exsplanations and understanding. Ultimately there is no lower or higher and the expansion of any unit of life happens in "both directions simultaneously". Evolution is more of a push  - pull and reciprocating expansion that takes place from both sides of the spiritual spectrum at once. Above down and below up equally. Evolution is spherical and not linear. The planes, bodies, principals and rays that we we toss around in our attempts to grasp the incomprehensible are not like dinner plates  placed one upon the other but multidimensional, organic and  living forces that
 interpenetrate and fuse. You are right about there being seven degrees of Kundalini. Kundalini is an aspect of  Buddhi and Buddhi shares the nature and is an aspect  of Kundalini. They differ only in there apparent quality . Ultimately  there is no inner or outer, higher or lower  just an evolving sense of "Self" that continues to exspand or unfold from everywhere at once. The theory of Theosophy if followed to its natural conclusion eventually merges in the "experience of Theosophy" One "we talk about" the other "we live silently within" Tell me where the Love of God begins or the Will of God ends and you will get the drift of my meaning. Most of what I am saying here will be incomprehensible and even contradictory to what I have said in earlier emails until the intuition and abstract archetypal thinking is developed.
  Bless you and may your journey lead to your hearts abode

  Pablo Sender <> wrote:
          Dear D., you say:

"This higher activation of Kundalini is not brought about by simple 
breathing exercises or is the result of an individual's desire or 
personal will . . . the disciple does not participate in simple 
breathing exercises to awaken the purer and higher aspect of the 

So, you are postulating that there are different degrees of 
Kundalini. I have a similar explanation, although without introducing 
different degrees of kundalini itself.
As we know, kundalini is one of the manifestations of Fohat, and so 
is Buddhi in its active state, when galvanized by Manas. Therefore, 
to my mind kundalini is a lower aspect of active Buddhi. You can 
awaken the lower aspect of any energy of state, without necessarily 
reaching the higher state. But developing the higher state (Buddhi, 
in this case), you can awaken also the lower one. That is why HPB 
says that occultism (or Raja Yoga) works from the higher to the 
lower, and not the other way around (as in the case of Hatha yoga).
I don't know if anyone else has an alternative explanation.


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