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Re: Theos-World Kundalini and Buddhi

Jul 27, 2007 05:03 PM
by Pablo Sender

Dear D., you say:

"This higher activation of Kundalini is not brought about by simple 
breathing exercises or is the result of an individual's desire or 
personal will . . . the disciple does not participate in simple 
breathing exercises to awaken the purer and higher aspect of the 

So, you are postulating that there are different degrees of 
Kundalini. I have a similar explanation, although without introducing 
different degrees of kundalini itself.
As we know, kundalini is one of the manifestations of Fohat, and so 
is Buddhi in its active state, when galvanized by Manas. Therefore, 
to my mind kundalini is a lower aspect of active Buddhi. You can 
awaken the lower aspect of any energy of state, without necessarily 
reaching the higher state. But developing the higher state (Buddhi, 
in this case), you can awaken also the lower one. That is why HPB 
says that occultism (or Raja Yoga) works from the higher to the 
lower, and not the other way around (as in the case of Hatha yoga).
I don't know if anyone else has an alternative explanation.

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