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Re: Theos-World How did Judge & Besant view their "Successorship" in 1891??

Jul 27, 2007 04:33 PM
by Cass Silva

  Who was it Frank?

Frank Reitemeyer <> wrote:
          It is clear that Judge was no visible teacher and that Besant was no teacher at all.
Theosophical history shows that a visible teacher who re-united the ES with the TS came back not until a seven years trial period after Blavatsky's death in 1891.
One sign of the visible teacher who the building of a city and a mystery school in the West as fulfillment of HPB's highest hopes.

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Subject: Theos-World How did Judge & Besant view their "Successorship" in 1891??

How did William Q. Judge & Annie Besant
view their "Successorship" in 1891????

I give BELOW relevant portions from the E.S.T. circular of 1891
issued AFTER H.P. Blavatsky's death. These are the words of William 
Q. Judge and Annie Besant to all members of HPB's esoteric school.

... it is our duty, as the two selected by H.P.B. as her agents and
representatives after her departure, to specially speak to each one
of you respecting the duty laid on the School by her retirement from
the visible control of its affairs. The future of this body depends
on the way in which this test of steadfastness and loyalty is endured
by the members collectively and individually....

Consider the position of the School: we are NO LONGER a band of
students taught by A VISIBLE TEACHER; we are a band of students
mutually interdependent, forced to rely on each other for our
usefulness and our progress, until our very brotherliness in mutual
help shall draw A VISIBLE TEACHER BACK AMONG US. H.P.B. remains one
of our Heads though H.P. Blavatsky is 'dead,' and the Heads of the
School have not withdrawn Their guidance in withdrawing the presence
chosen to represent Them for a time on which we have rejoiced to
lean. . . .

We who write to you claim over you no authority save such as she
delegated to us. We are your fellow students, chosen by her - the
Messenger of the Masters of Wisdom - as Their channels to the measure
of our ability, during this period of darkness....

I call your attention to the words above that I have put in CAPS.

The above material has been extracted from my book titled


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