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Re: Theos-World Kundalini and Buddhi

Jul 27, 2007 09:30 AM
by Duane Carpenter

  Dear Nigel
  Thank you for your question. 
  Perhaps I should have said that some of the emerging occult schools here in the west that have been strongly influenced by certain Tibetan Schools of Buddhism indicate the importance of intelligent love as a precursor to Atmic comprehension.I ascribe to no school or particular lineage and apologize for any oversimplifications.
  Blessings D-

  nhcareyta <> wrote:
          Dear Duane
May I interject with a question.

You write, "This truth can be seen in some
schools of Buddhism as the unfolding of Atma or Will through Buddhi, 
Higher mind
and Love."

Would you kindly advise which school of Buddhism recognises Atma and 

Thank you

--- In, Duane Carpenter 
<monad_monad_monad@...> wrote:
> Dear Pablo
> Kundalini has an active as well as a passive manifestation 
depending on the level of development of the student undergoing its 
experience. For the chela in training it is mainly passive or latent 
for the advanced Arhart it is fully active. When a student is in 
training and under the watchful eye of the Master breathing exercises 
can at some point become a natural part of spiritual training. HPB 
often warns the student about premature activation of the kundalini 
which can be the result of "forced breathing exercises" Without the 
guidance of the Master. Kundalini in its more active state is not 
something that most Theosophiical student should concern him or 
herself with but will unfold according to natural law when the time 
is right and the student has done the preliminary work of service, 
study and most importantly opening of the Heart. When you are ready 
and have fufilled all of the requirements for this advanced trainning 
you can be assured the Master or one of his
> senior representatives will contact you.
> In Gnostic Christianity it is taught that no man goes to the 
Father-Will but by way of the Sun-son Christos or love principal. 
This truth can be seen in some schools of Buddhism as the unfolding 
of Atma or Will through Buddhi, Higher mind and Love. If spiritual 
love is dominate in the life of the advancing student Kundalini in 
its active and most powerful form will spring into activity and rise 
along the etheric spine central channel bringing liberation through 
the higher head centers and Crown or thousand petal lotus. If there 
is not sufficient love developed within the students life the 
infamous kundalini is deflected downward and brings disaster and ruin 
to the unfortunate student. Only Love-Buddhi and a purification of 
the body, emotions and mind can insulate the student from the 
negative side of this this awesome power. The path of discipleship is 
strewn with many skulls of those attempting to speed up or thwart 
this natural evolution or law. It is therefore
> advised to avoid any sexual practices that promise quick and easy 
gains spiritually as well as participating in any forced breathing 
exercises that do not come under the stewardship and guidance of a 
qualified teacher.
> Blessings D-
> Pablo Sender <pasender@...> wrote:
> In a note in the book The Voice of the Silence (Fragment 
1, v. 38), HPB 
> wrote:
> "The 'Power' and the 'World-Mother' are names given to Kundalini -- 
> of the mystic 'Yogi powers.' It is Buddhi considered as an active 
> instead of a passive principle".
> I cannot understand that correlation. HPB seems here to imply that 
> awakening of Kundalini is the result of Buddhi acting as an active 
> principle. Since Kundalini may be awakened through breathing 
> the manipulation of sexual energy and so on, does it imply that the 
> spiritual intuition (Buddhi) may be awakened through 
those "external" 
> means?
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