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Re: Theos-World Re: promotion of Krishnamurti's teaching was a big mistake

Jul 27, 2007 08:33 AM
by Augoeides-222

There is a distinct echoe occuring on this forum lol.


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The second object of the Theosophical Society from the time of
Blavatsky was to encourage study of comparative religions, science and
philosophy. Wording of objects later changed slightly, but the spirit
of the object was to encourage study of religions, sciences and
philosophies. The Secrete Doctrine also is a synthesis of sciences,
religions and philosophies.
Now let us compare it with Krishnamurti's speeches. He asks people to
throw away all the books on religions, and according to him reading
books corrupts minds. That means if Krishnamurti directly attacked
second object of the TS, which was set and pursued by Blavatsky,
Besant, Leadbeater.

Third object of the TS was to investigate powers latent in man and
find out hidden laws of nature. This object obviously promotes
occultism because it was through the process of practical occultism
many of the hidden laws of nature were found by Blavatsky, Besant and
Leadbeater. To be occultist means to tread the path of occultism under
the guidance of the Masters, and as per the directions given in the
books on Theosophy.
Krishnamurti's speeches attack path of occultism, masters and reading
of all books on occultism. That means he opposed the third object of
the Theosophical Society.
If Krishnamurti opposed second and third object of the society, as
given by Blavatsky, and as TS is considerably following Krishnamurti's
speeches, there is real danger to the existence of TS from
Krishnamurti's speeches. If TS continues to be influenced by
Krishnamurti, TS will cease to exist as TS which was founded by
Blavatsky under the guidance of the Masters. 

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